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A New Taste with Noosa Yoghurt

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by noosa® yoghurt, however all opinions and yoghurt love expressed is all our own.

We are a family of yoghurt eaters. Seriously, it is not uncommon for it be served at breakfast, lunch and dinner in various formats and flavors. I mean it’s healthy, delicious and versatile. What’s not to love? And recently added as the top pick on my family’s yoghurt list is noosa yoghurt. Just when I thought we couldn’t love the stuff more, noosa yoghurt walked into our lives and turned everything upside down. We are officially #noosafresh!

noosa yoghurt

So what’s up with and different about noosa yoghurt? Well it just tastes so creamy and fresh. The consensus among my house is that it’s the perfect texture of not too thick and not too thin. It really feels like you are eating a fresh rich treat! Unlike any other yogurt I’ve had.

Noosa is made in small batches with local ingredients including whole milk. It all works together to make the flavors really come alive in your mouth! Also, they actually spell yoghurt with the letter ‘h’ in noosa, Australia where the style of yoghurt was discovered, so we’re keeping it real. Ha!

To really showcase how we pair noosa yoghurt around here in so many ways, here are three simple ways it can make it to the table all in one day.

1. Breakfast of heros. Breakfast is essential to get us all moving in my house. Jake is one of those kids who is a really strong morning eater and a big breakfast can make or break the day. So even on busy days, I make him a good sized serving (yes I’m dreading feeding him in high school!). Often its eggs, pancakes, fruit and yoghurt. The noosa yoghurt is so delicious we have been known to not only pair with pancakes but to use it in lieu of syrup. Noosa® strawberry rhubarb is perfect for this! A hit all around!

noosa breakfast noosa yoghurt at breakfast

2. Lunch-on-the-Go. My husband packs a lunch daily and I also tend to eat at my desk or on the go. The small 4 ounce packs are perfect to pair with lunch. Just grab and enjoy wherever you need to be. Even if it’s while sitting in the preschool pick-up line. Ha! My favorite is blueberry but my little guy Jake always asks for tart cherry.

noosa at lunch noosa at lunch

3. Parfait Dessert. With flavors like these parfaits don’t have to just be for breakfast. They can also work as a dessert! The coconut noosa flavor is so delicious it feels decadent! To make this parfait I layered with mini chocolate chips and granola. The perfect combination of crunch, chocolate and coconut! I definitely only washed empty glasses after this was served!

noosa dessert yoghurt parfait noosa coconut parfait

So hopefully now that you know just why I think noosa is in a league all its own, you are running to the story to pick some up for yourself! Well don’t forget this coupon and to help you find noosa in your area, use their handy locator. I can’t wait for you to come back and tell me what you think! Party on yoghurt lovers!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by noosa yoghurt, however all opinions and yoghurt love expressed is all our own.


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