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Easter Candy Bird’s Nest

Easter Candy Birds Nest

I love those little things that make a holiday fun, yet don’t take up gobs of time trying to make it just the most perfect thing ever. This is one of those things. I had no idea when I made this little bird’s nest just how excited Jake would be about it. While he was napping, I threw together some rice krispie treats, and while they were still setting, put some into a greased bowl. Then I used another small bowl and butter greased the outside of it to push down and create a sort of hollow bowl. (Anyone well versed in rice krispie treats knows that they are beyond sticky, hence all the greasing!) About 10 minutes later I added some edible Easter grass, jelly beans and two peeps that I think look like adorable love birds.

Easter Candy Birds Nest Easter Candy Birds Nest

Easter Candy Birds Nest When Jake woke up from his nap I told him there was an early Easter surprise for him on the table. He was so tickled! Sometimes it’s nice to have them “help,” but it can also be special to see the look of surprised delight on their faces. We clearly don’t give him open access to a lot of sweets, so when I told him he could eat it, he looked surprised for about half a second before diving in.

Easter Candy Birds Nest

Easter Candy Birds Nest

So, does anyone else have silly little treats they like to make for Easter? How else do you build the momentum?

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