DIY Easter Place Cards

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, we’re looking ahead to the next holidays on the calendar and Easter just so happens to be one of our favorites! Today we’re going to share a super easy tip to spruce up your Easter table! And that tip is to make personalized place cards. Our DIY Easter place cards are too cute for words. Setting our Easter table is something we always look forward to. When we host our family for the holidays, we want them to feel super special. By taking some extra time with our tablescapes, we evoke a fun, festive feeling for our guests. And creating a place card for everyone we’ve invited shows them just how much we appreciate that they’re spending the holiday with us!

easter place cards as part of a pretty pink tablescape

So, let’s talk about those easy Easter place cards shall we? With only a few items from a craft store like Michael’s, and the extra Easter grass we’ve all got lying around, a super sweet Easter place card project is in your very near future! I actually found these miniature birdcages in a Michael’s Dollar bin (all hail the dollar bin!) as well as the little faux Easter Eggs and miniature white flags. And in mere minutes, I was able to assemble a slew of DIY Easter place cards!

Read Below for How to Make Easy Easter Place Cards

Easter materials

Step 1: Fill the birdcage with Easter grass. I went with the paper kind as I find it easier to clean up than the plastic variety. You could also use any number of containers if you can’t find birdcages like these. Little jars or cups would be just as cute. In fact, I might see how mason jars look too!

Easter green grass

Step 2: Perch several decorative eggs on top of the grass. Any faux eggs will do the trick. I love the extra touch glitter gives these, but more natural looking eggs would be sweet too, especially if you’re going with an earthy theme for your tablescape.

green grass and eggs

Step 3: Write your guests’ names on the flags and stick them in the grass. You could even get the kiddos involved with this step. How cute would it be for your guests to be greeted with their names written in your children’s sweet handwriting?

Easter place cards

*Leave the birdcage top. or lid of whatever container you’re using, open and place your personalized Easter place cards on each place setting. Now did I promise this would be an easy DIY or what? These place cards are easy, quick to assemble and super budget friendly!  And, bonus, your guests can take home their mini birdcage as a party favor. Happy Easter!

Easter Place Setting

Easter Place Setting

For more easy party tips and recipes head over to our friend Jackie’s site. And the fun doesn’t end there. We mentioned Easter is one of our very favorite holidays right? We shared some more of our favorite Easter entertaining ideas below! 

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  1. Ohhh- so much Easter goodness – I could eat my way through each and every one of these. I can hardly decide where to start. At least I have a little time. My small people will be happy 🙂

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