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DIY Mango “Carrot” Easter Treats

dried mango carrots

Easter has always been one of my very favorite holidays. Apart from the religious aspect, which comes first for me obviously, rebirth being such an inspirational concept, I can’t get enough of that cute little bunny, fancy eggs and sweets…Oh the sweets…But the candy can really get out of control, so I like to give my little ones healthier options too like these dried mango “carrot” treats!


Wilton 12 in decorating bags
Pastel green cardstock
Skinny green duct tape
Dried mangos



1. Fill up your triangle bag about 3/4 way full with dried mangos.
2. Twist the top of your bag close to the top of the mangos.

3. Cut a small piece of tape (3 in.) and wrap tightly around the twisted bag.
4. Now cut the cardstock width wise into 3 even pieces.

5. Next cut your piece width wise again about 15 times into fringe, leaving about 1/2 inch of the end.
6. Cut another piece of tape (about 3 in. again), then wrap the bottom of your fringed paper around the top of our bag, then tape again to hold it down.


Aren’t these mango carrots just the perfect goodies to add to your kids’ Easter baskets? And for more Easter fun, check out our bird nest krispie treats! Little ones will love getting in on the action by making these sweet treats with you!

birds nest

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