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Sibling Halloween Costumes

Astronaut Brothers

Houston we have a problem. The issue at hand is cuteness overload from coordinated astronaut sibling Halloween costumes. I mean seriously, look at these boys. My heart swoons! I love coordinating costumes and this is the first year we have two to dress up in matching looks! Of course Jake and I had to pour over all of the options on the Chasing Fireflies website and it didn’t take too long for him to determine that it just had to be astronauts. The bonus of being the big brother is getting to choose. Luckily, Max looks pretty happy with the choice!

Astronaut Costume Brothers

These costumes are even more adorable than I had ever imagined. I love costumes for younger kids that are easy to pull on and off and the astronaut jumpsuits are perfect! Easy for toddlers to even pull on and zip up on their own. And the optional monogrammed detail makes them even more special. Jake also loves the NASA and Commander patches!

Astronaut Costume

Of course no astronaut costume is complete without super cool space accessories. This astronaut helmet is just over-the-top cool. It has a microphone and pop-up visor. Perfect for all of those VERY official space missions.

Astronaut Costume

To complete the look astronaut gloves and bootcovers are perfect. I love that the bootcovers go right over tennis shoes which makes moving around so easy. The backpack is also a fun way to accessorize and a great place to hold all of the neat things that you find on your mission to Mars. It also fits the helmet with plenty of room left over for candy which will be handy on the big day!

Moon Boots

The inflatable shuttle really lets the play get imaginative. 3-2-1-Blast off! It’s such a fun way to get longevity out of this costume and transition it to dress-up play after Halloween ends.


Of course baby Max just can’t get enough of watching his big brother take him on space missions. He literally was just giggling away as we played outdoors!


Happy Astronaut

Now those are some happy astronauts! Chasing Fireflies has such a great selection of costumes, sibling Halloween costumes, and costume accessories. Make sure to take a look and get planning for the fun day to come. Bring on Halloween! For even more Halloween costume inspiration, check out these Chasing Fireflies looks from last year! (Family & Daddy and Me)

Family Costumes

Disclosure: We received product for the purposes of this review. However, all opinions and happy smiles expressed are our own. 


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