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Father and Son Halloween Costumes: Spider-Man and Peter Parker


If my son loves anything it’s superheroes…particularly Spider-Man. It’s all superheroes all the time in the Swenson house and that’s A-ok with this mom. I’m a wee bit of a fan myself. I mean Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man? Swoon. Haha! And my son has loved Spidey for ages. In fact, he has dressed up as Spider-Man on Halloween for the last FOUR, count ’em, FOUR years. Haha! Thank goodness they keep rolling out super sweet Spider-Man costumes, like this awesome Chasing Fireflies number, every year or we’d be in trouble. This might be the best costume yet…I mean, it doesn’t get much cuter than a father and soon superhero/secret identity pair. Am I right? Chasing Fireflies has such an amazing collection of boys costumes, it’s easy to come up with father and son Halloween costumes ideas!



We can’t get enough of family Halloween costumes in our house. Remember the pirate family costumes from last year? The dude loved his pirate costume, but he also insisted on donning Spider-Man as well. You gotta love him…And this year, we thought it would be fun to pair off and do daddy and me and mommy and me costumes. Stay tuned for me and the lil’ lady bean…We’ll be sharing our Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts costumes very soon, but I digress…Let’s get back to Spider-Man and Peter Parker. It’s very easy to throw together a Peter Parker costume once you have your Spider-Man all set. The dude selected the Light-Up Spider-Man costume from Chasing Fireflies and then all daddy had to do was shop his closet. Your honey can simple grab a hoodie, Cons and a camera and he’ll be all set. You could even add glasses to really set off the look. The hubs forgot his. I’ll forgive him since he’s such a good sport. Haha! I mean, I think the dude forgot he was his secret identity and made like his daddy was a criminal he had to take down for the good of his city. That kid’s imagination is something!



This superhero duo can be inspiration for any superhero daddy and me pairing…Think Hulk and Bruce Banner…Iron Man and Tony Stark…Captain America and Steve Rogers…I could go on and on. To be honest, I’m an even bigger Marvel fan than the hubs is…probably tied with my little dude! Needless to say, superheroes make for great father and son Halloween costumes! I may just have to the mommy and me superheroes route next year…Hmmmmm. And even if superheros aren’t your kiddo’s jam, w have another adorable idea for you...fisherman and his catch! Remember Jake and Floyd from last year? I mean that was a cute costume!



So, what is your family dressing up as this year? Are father and son Halloween costumes in the works? If you need some sibling costume inspiration, check out Jake and baby Max as astronauts!

Photography via Marissa Stratton Photography

Disclosure: We were not compensated for this post. We were provided with samples for review.


  1. Rosey says

    Ha that is such a phenomenally great idea!! I am smiling ear to ear and I’m sure everyone is who sees them together too. 🙂

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