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Fun Back to School Finds


Back to school shopping is a big focus at our house in August…but it doesn’t end there. We love to look for fun finds that will make the school year better all fall long! So, we were super excited to dig into the Savvy Sassy MomsBack to School Scout Box which was chock full of products and snacks that any kid would love. I just so happen to have the cutest kiddo product tester around, so I let my lil’ lady bean try everything on for size. So, I thought I would share some our our favorite new back to school finds with you! And away we go…



Mabel’s Labels: I’m a big fan of labeling anything and everything…and I’m a sucker for personalization, so their Write Away! Labels are right up my alley. I can put them on my kids’ lunchboxes, backpacks, food containers…You name it. I can even use them for myself. They come in handy when I’m at a boot camp full of ladies with similar water bottles. Haha! Come on over to my house and you’ll see I’ve gone a bout labeling crazy. I can’t help it. They’re too cute! Just sayin’.


Plum Organics: If there is one thing we should buy stock in, it’s food pouches! My daughter can’t get enough of them…and Plum Organics has been with us from the beginning. They’re perfect for our on the go lifestyle and I love that I can sneak servings of fruits AND veggies into her diet with their organic mashups pouches! Plus, they’re Jammy Sammy snack size sandwich bars are perfect for those mornings you’re short on time…or just for keeping in your bag in case your wee one gets a case of the munchies!


Annie’s: This is another brand that has been a part of our family for years! We try to go organic whenever we can and Annie’s makes organic snacking easy with their tasty treats like Cheddar Bunnies that come in darling shapes like…you guessed it…bunnies!


Smarty Pants: Getting my children to sit down and finish a meal is an Olympic sport. They just simply do not want to stop go go going for a moment, so vitamins are important. With Smarty Pants gummies,  know they’re getting things that they need like Vitamin C, D, E, B6, B12 and folic acid, as well as DHA. And they, of course, love them because they’re gummies. There is no whining when it’s vitamin taking time…Can I get a woot woot for that?!?



Hello: Another thing that’s not a fight that I thought would be is teeth brushing. I’ve found that the key to having kids who are eager to brush their teeth are fun tootbrushes and great tasting toothpaste. Hello toothpaste, for instance, comes in fun flavors like Green Apple, Blue Raspberry and Bubble Gum. The bright, vibrant packaging doesn’t hurt either. My lil’ lady bean made a bee line for the PINK tube. Haha! What can I say? That girl loves her pink!


French Toast: If you buy school uniforms, you’re going to want to look into French Toast. They have great quality, budget friendly uniform pieces…and you can even have your school’s logo put on them! How cool is that? They even have a school fundraising program…So, if you’re on the PTA or just want to help your school, you might want to check that out!

And there you have it…Six of my favorite back to school finds! What are your kids loving this season?

Disclosure: We were compensated for this post. The opinions expressed are our own.

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