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Babysitting Made Easy with Chime ($50 Promo Code!)

Nothing is more important to me than my children. I mean does that even need to be said out loud? Their safety and happiness comes first always. So when mama needs a break, wether it be a date night  or time with friends, I am choosy with their childcare. If I’m not confident in who is watching them at home than I just can’t relax.

Which is why I was blown away when I used Chime, the new on demand babysitting service from Sittercity. Right now Chime is available in Washington, DC, New York City, Boston and Chicago and hopes to continue expanding. To test the service I decided on a playdate at a friends house in DC. That means this sitter would have three small boys in her care. Jake and his bestie D (pictured above when they were littles!) are a hilarious and wild duo with Max right on their heels. This would allow us both to see Chime in action and get some much needed catch-up time in. After all, how often do we really get to complete sentences when we have a playdate with our friends?!?

Here’s what I discovered in the process:
ProfileChime screens its sitters with thorough background checks and in-person meetings prior to signing them on. Only 1 in 5 make the cut! They literally know more than when I get a sitter referral from a friend!

Once you have a Chime account, you can book last minute or in advance. It also lets you watch a video interview of the sitters and see their profiles prior to selecting. This is perfect for work that comes up or scheduling regular nights out!

Find a sitter you love? You can keep rebooking them through the site.

Payment takes place automatically, on demand, so you never have to worry about having cash to pay the sitter at the end of the night (major bonus points from me on this one!).
Max and MommySo now about my experience. I selected our sitter Emma after reviewing three available sitters. We then loaded up the kids on cupcakes because, hey cupcakes! CupcakesEmma then arrived and was great! She was friendly and laughed good naturedly at our three wild men. Max immediately took to her and loved the attention while the other two were playing with each other nearby. Emma was literally my dream sitter. Nice, sweet but also in charge, making sure that the boys followed the rules and played nicely. Needless to say they all loved her! Max and E Playing with MaxPlayingAt the end of the night everyone was all smiles and in their jammies. And we got some much needed friend time in. There was no need to exchange money or drive her home. Chime even helps sitters cover their transportation cost (swoon!)!JakeIf you live in a Chime city we recommend you try them out! We’ve even got a $50 promo code for you to use at your first booking. Just enter BONBONROSE by 7/31/16.

And let us know what you think? Are you ready for on demand sitter service that’s this highly vetted?! I sure am!

Disclosure: We were compensated for this review.


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