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Pretty Summer Dessert: Figs and Champagne Grapes

Figs and Champagne Grapes

I love figs! And, I really take advantage of them during their limited season, which is now! So, using them to make a pretty summer dessert that can be adjusted to be both sweet or savory, is a must.

Dessert Ingredients

Last week, I was hosting a few friends for dinner and trying to come up with a summer dessert is always a challenge for me. I knew I wanted to use figs, and realized I had some creamy ingredients in the fridge that could just maybe work. Combining sour cream, mascarpone and blue cheese crumbles was just the thing to bring some roasted figs to a delicious end. By adding a bit of citrus, honey and brown sugar, I could balance the level of sweetness I wanted to achieve. And, what a success! My guests were thrilled.


Of course after a success like this it only made sense to play with this idea just a bit. I had some champagne grapes in the fridge just asking to be used. The figs and champagne  grapes made for a dessert that was more of a preserve or chutney, and could then be layered with the cheese mixture for parfaits. So pretty!

Fig Parfait

If you’re not up for roasting the figs, have no fear! Not roasting the fruit also works. I had some beautiful red grapes ready to go. I keep the grapes in the fridge stored in water so they stay really cold and crisp. They were also perfect with the cream. Adding a few Biscoff cookies for crunch is perfect! To make a pretty presentation for guests I decided to place the cheese cream atop a cookie, add a basil leaf for color and, might I say, was quite pleased. It would be a pretty plate at any cocktail or tea party!

Fig Dessert

Ingredients for Creamed Cheese Sauce

Sour Cream
Blue Cheese Crumbles
Brown Sugar

Ingredients For Roasting Fruit

Olive Oil
Sea Salt and Pepper

Basil/Thyme and Sliced fruit for garnish


1. Combine 3 parts sour cream to one part blue cheese and mascarpone. Adjust to your taste depending on your sweet/savory preference. Drizzle honey and brown sugar, again to taste, and use only lemon not orange if you want to keep the sweetness level down.

2. Drizzle the figs with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes until soft and glazed. Add some thyme sprigs when roasting the grapes. Cool and remove from stems for that preserve texture.

This is a wonderful twist on the classic cheese and fruit for dessert. Easy, pretty and quite yummy! I always say fruit is not dessert – but this is!! What creations can you come up with using this technique?! Do you lovelies love figs as much as we do?

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