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Cheese Ball Love Bugs

cheese ball love bugs

In our never ending quest to give you give you a slew of fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have a super cute snack for today that you can have the kids help you make! We love any excuse to get our kids in the kitchen…don’t you? These adorable cheese ball love bugs make for a perfect Valentine’s Day treat, plus they’re super easy to make!



Flavored cream cheese (you can also use your favorite cheese ball recipe)
Shredded cheese (any white cheese will work)
Butterfly shaped crackers
Chow mein noodles or pretzel sticks
Black olives

In Process


1. Add shredded cheese to a small bowl and scoop out about a tablespoon of cream cheese. Roll cream cheese into cheese to make mini cheese balls.
2. Take your mini cheese balls and set them on top of your butterfly crackers so that your little bug has feet.
3. Cut small hearts out of the pepperoni and attach the hearts to one end of the chow mein noodles using cream cheese as glue. Press them into the top of your cheese ball.
4. Using a small pastry tip make the eyes. I sliced the olives in half and pressed the pastry tip into the olive and it made perfect round eyes.
5. Enjoy!

Love Bugs

These little love bugs were so much fun to make and we no your family will have a blast whipping them up too!


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