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Spring Ready Sangria

Smirnoff Sangria

The Big Game is coming up fast! Are you having a party? Some years I go all out and have friends over and some years I opt to just veg out and watch on the couch in my sweat pants with the family. Either way there is bound to be a good food spread and of course some fun drinks. And yes, while I do like watching the game, I’m also all about the halftime show and funny commercials. I mean its an American tradition to all gossip about our favorites at work the next day, right?

This sangria using the Smirnoff Ice Screwdriver is so easy and a fun change for football night. Here’s how to make Spring Ready Sangria.

Superbowl Sangria

Ingredients (Makes One Medium Sized Pitcher)

2 Smirnoff Ice Screwdrivers
2 cups chilled white wine (Pinot Grigio or similar, I used a blend)
1-2 cups of sliced fruit (just use what you have on hand)


Pour chilled wine into pitcher. Add Smirnoff Ice Screwdrivers. Top with sliced fruit. Pour and serve.

That’s really it! It’s so easy and perfect not only for the big game this weekend but also for any brunch or time when you need a quick pretty cocktail on hand. Your guests will sip with easy and you can relax!

Superbowl Sangria


Oh and I’m super pumped. On one of our many recent snow days I rearranged my glassware and found my nice wine glasses. It sounds silly but they have been in a box in the basement for two years. Like I have just been using weird random wine glasses for two years! That’s so crazy! So I am toasting this delicious Super Bowl Sangria with my fancy wine glasses, ya’ll. Cheers!

Bottoms Up

Disclosure: We received samples for the purposes of this post.

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La Dolce Vita Sangria


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