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How to Keep Kids Busy During Holiday Break

Because of the way Christmas fell this year, we don’t go back until January 7th. I know that a lot of you fellow ‘rents are in the same boat. It just feels like a loooooooong time at home right? We love our together time and whole, but that’s a whole lotta together time. Haha! As much I love spending unscheduled time with my kiddos, eventually we all kinda go bonkers after a few weeks of no school. So, I plan on being prepared this year…On that note, let’s talk about how to keep kids busy during holiday break!

I’m going to make sure I have plenty of activities on hand just in case we have to be at home more than I have planned. Now, the easiest fix for stir crazy kids is leaving the house obviously, but you never know what the weather has in mind for you, so having some fun holiday crafts and whatnot prepared certainly couldn’t hurt! Because we don’t stop celebrating the holidays around these parts until the kids officially go back to school. Bwah!

Simple Activities to Keep Kids Busy 

peppermint play dough

Peppermint Play Dough…This play dough is not only an amazing smelling way to keep kids busy, but it’s super simple to throw together and will keep your little one entertained for hours. Plus, you could certainly switch up the colors so they can create whatever their hearts’ desire! Swap out the white for pink and you have Valentine’s Day play dough. My kids are already wondering when the next holiday is. Bwah!

squeeze pouch caps play

Squeeze Pouch Caps Play…Come see how you can use all those squeeze pouch caps that pile up for pattern play, color sorting and more! I only wish we had thought of this sooner. To think of the massive amount of caps that we’ve gotten rid of over the years! Those things add up! And they can actually be useful long post the point they’ve soothed your kiddo. Mind blowing!

keep kids busy with sensory buckets

Sensory Buckets…If you have a wild child toddler at home, you’re going to want to add a sensory bucket to your bag of tricks. Getting a two year old to calm down so you can drink your coffee in peace is certainly no easy feat, but these sensory bucket ideas should help! 

More Boredom Busters

Remember, there is no need to panic. When your kids are bouncing off the walls, turn to one of our tried and true tricks for how to keep kids busy during the holiday break and you should have at least a few moments of peace. Bwah! And when in doubt, have an indoor snowball fight. We picked up a pack of “snowballs” ourselves and the kiddos have been playing with them non-stop! Don’t worry. They’re soft. Because, trust me, you will inevitably get hit with one. Haha!

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