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Three Fun Baby Bump Photo Ops at Disney World

Hey, fellow Disney loving moms, if you’re expecting a new baby, you’re going to want to save these baby bump photo opps at Disney World ideas!

If you’re pregnant like me, odds are you’re immersed in preparations, but have you remembered to document your pregnancy? I didn’t take nearly enough photographs the first time around, so this time I’ve been a photo takin’ fool. And I don’t want to regret capturing those memories, especially since I already have a kiddo at home. I want all the pics I can get of me with his sibling in my tummy.

But first things first…In case you don’t know who I am, my name is Jessica and I’m Kristin’s sister. I’m here to bring you the latest and greatest in pregnancy and baby news, products and tips! Today’s topic at hand, baby bump photo ops at Disney World!

family posing with toy story characters jessie and bullseye

When I found out I was expecting my second kiddo, I  knew I was cooking a Disney fanatic in the making. My four year old can’t get enough of the mouse and neither can his parents. Along with most of the rest of our family, we’ve been Walt Disney World annual pass holders for ages. So, our first born has grown up loving Disney since before he could walk. In fact, we find ourselves at Disney World at least a few times a month. And more than a few of our vacations have revolved around Disney including a beloved Disney cruise or two. 

Disney World Photo Ops for Pregnant Moms to Be

Now that we have a second little bundle of joy on the way, we’re spending as much time as possible with our big guy. He will be an only child for just a little bit longer after all. That means lots of Disney time with his ‘rents! We’ve taken advantage of some great pass holder and Florida resident deals this summer and have had so much fun staying on property and hitting our favorite spots at the parks. I found that there is no shortage of fun pregnancy bump photo ops at Disney World. And since I know I’m not the only Disney loving expectant mama out there, I thought I would share some of our my favorites!

pregnant mom with Snow White's evil queen

1. With a character…You could go the sweet route like we did with Jessie and Bullseye up above or you could go the pregnant princess and the villain route like I did here with the Evil Queen. Either way works if you ask me. My number one tip is to fastpass the character meet and greets. You don’t want to be caught in a long line with a full bladder. Bwah!

pregnant mom with toy story characters

2. On the grounds…Just walk around any Walt Disney World resort and you’ll find plenty of fun things to pose with. The parks obviously have the usual suspect photo ops like Cinderella’s castle, but the resorts have their fair share too. I even managed to get a cute shot in the rain. A little old Florida shower can’t ruin the perma good mood Disney gives me!

pregnant mom and toddler by the pool at a Walt Disney World resort

3. By the pool…It’s Florida, so pool days are an option sometimes all the way into December. I’ve always thought a baby bump by the pool is an absolutely adorable photo op. Make that a Disney resort pool and you can’t go wrong, especially when you have a cutie patootie photo bomber!

So, there you have it. This is just a small sampling of the baby bump photo opps at Walt Disney World, but hopefully it’s enough to show you there are plenty!

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