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Kids Indoor Easter Table

Kids Easter Picnic Table

I have a feeling that this coming Sunday, while we may hunt for eggs outside, the rest of the Easter celebrating will be happening indoors. It just doesn’t seem to want to warm up here. So, rather than force ourselves to be shivering outdoors, why not bring a little Easter picnic inside? To surprise my little man, I grabbed Jake’s wooden picnic table, dusted it off and placed it in the center of the room. Then I covered it with a cheerful table cloth and set out markers and some Easter coloring sheets I downloaded off the Crayola website.

I filled a vase with bright plastic Easter eggs. These are unfilled and just for our play “practice” egg hunt for the big day. We have a lot of excitement about the ol’ Easter bunny in our house right now. The first question of the morning is, “Is this the day the Easter bunny comes?”. I’ve also been asked the following: What kind of car he drives? (He doesn’t, he hops from house to house). Why he hides the eggs? (Just for fun. He’s a big rabbit that hides eggs for fun?! Geez). What kind of treats will he be leaving? (Ah a question I can answer with ease…chocolate!). Man, who knew there would be so many questions!?!? Just find the eggs and eat your candy, ha!

Kids Easter Table Setting

I also added a snack of carrots and ranch. Jake loves carrots and I keep seeing all these adorable desserts of sweet things made to look like carrots. But given all the other sweets coming our way, I gotta go with serving a veggie, in theme, that I know he loves!

Carrots and Coloring for Kids
Kids Easter Picnic Table

That’s my take on our kids indoor Easter table, unless we get a warm snap, in which case I’ll be happily hauling this table outside!


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