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9 Pairs of Casual Joggers for Women You Need Now

Looking to expand your at home wardrobe? Read on for 9 pairs of  casual joggers for women you need now!

Let’s face it. Most of us aren’t seeing much beyond the confines of our own homes and yards right now. So, getting dressed is probably at the bottom of your priority list. I get it. I might have stayed in my pajamas until 3pm today. Bwah! That being said, when I did finally shower and throw on a comfy tee and joggers I felt better. 

So, I think there is something to be said for getting up and putting on real clothes. That being said, getting dressed doesn’t have to mean putting on real pants. Bwah!  Casual joggers for women feel like sweatpants, yet are totally streetwear worthy. And since the streets aren’t getting much action, they’re home wear worthy too. Haha!

woman wearing casual joggers for women

mom and daughter in front of fountain wearing joggers

Truth be told, even in normal times, you’ll find me in some form of athleisure or loungewear, whether that’s leggings, sweaties or my beloved joggers. Before the world changed, I got a pair of animal print joggers from Z Supply and wore them so much in just a few months that they now have those pesky inner thigh holes. Haha!

So, I’m on the hunt for new joggers and I bet I’m not the only girl with an over use issue. That’s why I decided to round up some fabulous new joggers that you need now! You…me…everyone needs joggers! And one of the stores I miss visiting in person the most, Nordstrom, has PLENTY to offer in the casual joggers for women department!

Must-Have Joggers to Wear at Home and Out

From neutrals, to prints, you’re sure to find a pair of joggers that fits your style here! In my currently have the animal print pair I mentioned, 2 camo pairs and some black joggers. So, I feel like it’s perfectly acceptable for me to round out my loungewear wardrobe with some other colors and prints. You totally agree right? I’ll take that as a yes! 

And what about cropped styles? I don’t have any of those. Just sayin’. Now I’m not crazy. Incomes are down and I’m not looking to spend our savings away on clothes. But a couple pairs of reasonably priced joggers might be just what us homebound gals need right now!

Why Should You Wear Joggers?

I’m not likely to throw on a dress and heels anytime soon, so this is all I have to inspire me to get out of those jammies! And hopefully it will do the same for you. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have some more athleisure on hand that I can actually wear out of the house when the time comes. I might be so used to living solely in comfy clothes that it’s going to be hard to transition back to normal ones! 

solid and print jogger pants

Shop the post: floral print / olive green / pastel cropped / polka dots / tie dyegrey melange / animal printblue moto / Hawaiian print 

More At Home Fashion Ideas

Now that you have plenty of casual joggers for women ideas, how about some more fashion inspo? In case you missed it, I shared some more athleisure and loungewear looks that you can shop or use to inspire your at home fashion! 

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