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Comfy Athleisure and Loungewear for Home

denim shirt and black leggings outfit

Ask me what I’m wearing on a typical day of the week and the answer is nearly always some form of comfy athleisure or loungewear. These are most certainly not typical times, but what hasn’t changed is my daily uniform. Comfy style is still the name of the game in my world. By stocking my wardrobe with comfortable pieces, getting dressed is a whole lot easier right now. 

Getting up every day, showering and throwing on a proper outfit when you’re staying in all the time, doesn’t always sound appealing. But what if I said your outfits could basically feel like pajamas? Now THAT sounds appealing right? Hey, if you’re one of those people who feels better throwing on a blouse and jeans, you do you! Far be it from me to stop you. I wish had your motivation!

BUT if you’re like and struggling with getting dressed inspiration, athleisure and loungewear could be just what you need! In fact, Shopbop has a slew of solid pajama dressing options. And I rounded up a bunch of them for you today. Because while we recognize the seriousness of what we’re facing, we can’t shut down our lives completely. There is plenty of living to do be done from home.

There are kids to be homeschooled, and some of us have jobs that we can do remotely. So, getting up every single day and getting dressed to face our day, even if it’s in athleisure or loungewear could help up us cope with our current reality. Hey, I say changing from your pajama pants into a new pair of pajama pants is still changing. BWAH!

I was having a virtual happy hour with my friend Krystal the other day and she changed her pajamas three times in one day. The important thing is, she didn’t say in the same pair of pajamas for a week straight. 

So, now that we’ve covered why we should get dressed, how about we talk about what to wear at home! 

brunette woman wearing blue denim shirt and bleggings leggings together

Comfy Loungewear and Athleisure Outfits for Home

Leggings, of course, are paramount to comfy style. And depending on the weather in your neck of the woods, you might want a long-sleeved tee, tunic, sweatshirt, short-sleeved tee or tank to wear with your leggings. Another option is joggers. And, again, if you live in a warm weather state like moi, a nice, lightweight material will be clutch. 

They key is to select pieces you will be excited to wear. Sure, leggings and the like are staple wardrobe pieces, but that doesn’t mean staple wardrobe pieces can’t be fun! If you have enough neutrals in your closet already, go for a spirited print that you don’t already own! Don’t worry. I included links to plenty of loungewear for home pieces in an array of styles…You may notice that my affinity for camo continues. Haha!

athleisure and loungewear for home

Shop the post: flowy tank / camo joggers / knot tee / glitter leggings / pocket tee / camo bike shorts / long sleeve twist tee / black leggings / camo shorts / stars leggings  / open back hoodie / gray joggers 

More Comfy Style Inspiration

And if this wasn’t enough comfy style for you, we have plenty more comfy athleisure and loungewear for home looks for you!

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