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Recycled Vases

Recycled Baby Jar Vase

I love to use materials that I have around the house in any way I can. It not only makes my life easier with one less errand to run (so many never ending errands, am I right?), it makes me feel good to get more use out of an object that would otherwise get thrown away or recycled. Here are two quick items I used to create recycled vases. A baby food jar and an Italian soda bottle. Personally I think using recycled materials as vases give a rustic homey vibe that can often be quite charming. Let’s break it down. And yes I mean the vases but it’s also Friday so feel free to chair dance at your desk. I’m doing it right now. Not kidding.

First here’s my look at the baby food jar as a vase. I purchases a bouquet at the grocery store for $8 and used about 2/3 of the flowers. I think these could be really charming, especially at a baby shower on the tables. How cute to really go all out with the theme in a chic way?! One thing to note, baby food jars are often very small and low so I trimmed the flowers once, and then trimmed them a second time to get the height just right. What do you think?

Recycled Baby Jar Vase Recycled Baby Jar Vase

Next up is the Italian soda bottle. This is perfect for a little bistro table or even on a nightstand to welcome a guest. The top hole is quite narrow so I decided on just one rose, although you could probably get up to three longer stemmed flowers in this bottle. And bonus, you get to drink the yummy Italian soda first.

Italian Soda Vase

Italian Soda Vase

So, that’s what I’ve been up to around the house. There are so many other ways you can go too. Look for canned goods with pretty labels or other fun items in your pantry. And if you are looking for more recycled projects you might enjoy some of our life hacks from last summer or a look at how to use squeeze pouch tops for toddler activities.

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