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Flower Arrangement Class and Tips

While visiting my dear friend, Kim, this past week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a fabulous flower arranging event. This is something Kim had attended on numerous occasions and had shared wonderful stories with me in the past. I couldn’t wait to be a part of it. And, I can tell you this, I was far from being disappointed!

Final Floral Arrangements

Wow! The venue was a beautiful flower store, Wonderland Floral Art and Gift Loft, in St Petersburg, FL. Run by two sisters, they have a wonderful operation going. I just love supporting local small business owners, especially women! The $55 charge for the evening festivities is more than worth the price of admission. Upon arrival, you are able to pour yourself a glass of wine, visit a bit as everyone checks in and stroll around their beautiful shop. The gift side is displayed lovingly and full of fun finds. If I hadn’t been traveling, I could have walked out of their with so many prizes!

Store Items

After everyone has arrived and settled in, a delicious buffet of food is offered, catered by an Italian market across the street. Tonight we had a simple green salad, Chicken Saltimbocca (yum!), roasted white and sweet potatoes, and fresh crusty bread. A beautiful fruit platter and tray of pretty  pastries were the perfect ending. Again, all part of the inclusive charge. We sipped more wine and enjoyed our meal!

Foam oasis and wine

Then the main event started. Cassie is a wealth of information. This night she chose to have us create an Arabian Night themed arrangement, it is dramatic and visually beautiful. She takes great care in giving us pertinent info, guided instruction, but also allowing us to have our own creative expression. I learned so much! It was so interesting to watch everyone follow her lead and watch so many different yet perfect versions result.

Flower Prep

Final Arrangement

Final Flower Beauty

The bonus of all of this for me was it was also my mother’s birthday and so the arrangement was the perfect gift. She loved loved it!
Wonderland is a true wonder. If you have the luck of being anywhere near this place, I strongly urge you to take a peek. I’m certainly going to search for a similar experience when I return to Portland. This is a must do! 

Flower Arrangement Tips

Throughout the class I took away several flower arranging tips to put to future use. Here are three of my favorite!

1. When using an oasis (the green flower foam), make sure you keep the water level high enough to keep it well saturated. This will keep your flowers fresh and alive a lot longer.

2. Bunch like flowers together in an arrangement using different varietals. This makes for a more impressive visual outcome.

3. You need more greenery than you think! Use several different types of greenery, cutting them to various sizes to cover the entire oasis, providing depth to the arrangement while hiding the form.

Flower Arrangement

That was my first take on a floral arrangement class. I can’t wait to go again!

Susan Richards is a BonBon Rose Girls contributor and friend!

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