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Fall Photos

Fall Photo

Last year we had so much fun with an impromptu fall photo session with Jake.  Looking back he was SO small!  How does one year change things so much?! He is now a toddler running around with blond hair! Regardless I learned a few things about fall photos from that day.

1) While it’s nice to focus on my own outfit, I also need to coordinate his. I’m not loving his shirt and jeans combo.  Luckily he’s cute enough to cover it…but this time I’m going to make sure our looks work next to each other!
2) Don’t go to the pumpkin patch at the end of the month and expect hundreds of pumpkins.  Notice how it’s more like a few scattered pumpkins and not the mountain we all dream of? That’s because we were the last ones there! Get there early on in the season.
3) Enlist a friend’s family to come along so you can switch off taking family shots.  It’s hard getting all of you in the shot, why not guarantee it?! Plus, it’s a great way to spend time with your buds.
4) And finally don’t be afraid to breathe. We had way more fun goofing off in this corn field away from the crowd and it truly shows in the photos! Don’t stress about the perfect shot. Fall photos are all about having FUN and enjoying what the season has to offer!

Fall Photo

Fall Photo

Since we’re headed to the pumpkin patch again this weekend, I’ve worked hard to nail down Jake’s look, as well as my own, so there is no day of scramble.  I want us to all feel comfortable and casual since we have holiday photos coming up. I can’t wait to share our final looks with you! Until next time…

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