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Three Easy DIY Body Scrubs

If I love anything it’s a good beauty tutorial. That being said, the beauty how tos that I’m most drawn to are EASY! Hey, I’m a super busy on the go mama who doesn’t have a ton of time for DIY treatments. That being said, I can certainly devote a few minutes to whipping my skin into shape for summer and DIY body scrubs are just the ticket. Skin baring styles are here for the season, after all, and I’m not aiming to sport dry, splotchy skin. I want it to be nice and smooth, so an exfoliating body scrub is just what I need. Now I could, of course, go buy one, but I could also just as easily mix one up at home with some ingredients that I already have on hand.

Body Scrubs Anyone Can Make

And since I bet many of you are fellow harried moms, I thought I would share a few super simple DIY body scrubs so you too could work on your summer ready skin!

coffee scrub

Coffee Sugar Scrub…Little else fills me with joy more than the smell of coffee beans. My day just doesn’t get off to the right start if sipping a nice, hot cuppa Joe isn’t first on my list. And frankly, I love smelling that delicious brew all day long, So, a coffee sugar scrub is right up my alley!

coffee body scrub

Coffee Body Scrub…Oh you didn’t think I was done with the coffee yet did you? Bwah! This one smells as good as the coffee sugar scrub and is perfect for tackling those super dry areas like elbows and knees thanks to the super hydrating olive oil!

heart body scrubs

Pretty in Pink Body Scrub…Ok, as far as body scrubs go, this is the one you want to make for gifts, but make sure you save some for yourself. It’s just so darn pretty. And don’t worry. It does the job too. It sloughs away that dead skin like nobody’s business!

See? I told you our DIY body scrubs were easy to make! Now go forth and exfoliate lovelies!

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