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Trendy Summer Dresses

Let’s have some warm weather fun by taking a little peek at some great trendy summer dresses. After all, who doesn’t love feeling fun and flirty in these hot summer months?! So many of this season’s trends are all about the feminine touches. Details like pretty floral embroidery, off-the-shoulder tops, and layers of pretty ruffles are everywhere. Truthfully these dresses make me long for my upcoming vacations where I can put the looks to good use!

Summer dresses always remind me of some of the vacations Floyd and I took before kids. Trips like Greece and Paris where we walked all over the city exploring. I still love going on trips with the kids, but due to the activities we do which are much more active, sometimes I have to save the other looks for date nights.

We do have a short trip to Napa coming up without the kids and while I will miss them, I can’t wait to get all pretty and have adult dinners for a few days. I’ve already started mentally packing! As I was looking through all the trendy summer dresses and pulling a few ideas for my own online shopping cart, I thought I should share my finds with everyone. After all why should we all do the work when I’ve already found nine of the cutest trendy summer dresses.
Trendy Summer Dresses

  1. Blue Eyelet Dress 2. Yellow Floral Dress 3. Colorful Rimrack Dress 4. Smocked Floral Dress 5. Tiered White Wrap Dress 6. Floral Peasant Dress 7. Modern Tie-Died Maxi 8. Off-the-Shoulder Tassel Dress 9. Floral Wrap Dress

What dress do you love the most? I especially have my eye on the yellow floral dress and the off-the-shoulder tassel dress. Both of these looks just scream vacation to me and are sitting in my cart waiting for me to make a decision! Here’s to a season of trendy summer dresses!


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