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Sleeping Beauty Party Ideas

I always love a good party theme. Don’t you? For the first four years of her life, my baby girl had birthday parties with themes that ranged from Parisian, to Minnie Mouse, to The Little Mermaid and even a Peppa the Pig tea party. So, when it came time for her 5th birthday, I couldn’t wait for her to choose a theme. I was pleasantly surprised when she went with one of my favorite childhood Disney princesses Sleeping Beauty, or Aurora, as she calls her. How cute would a Sleeping Beauty party be? As it turns out, super cute!

That being said, unfortunately, this year my daughter’s birthday coincided with us selling our home. That’s not exactly a time you want to be hosting a bunch of people. Luckily my party planning pro mama stepped in and threw her the best Aurora party around. And I thought it would be fun to share some of those super easy Sleeping Beauty party ideas with you!

Sleeping Beauty Party

sleeping beauty cake

Coordinate your cake’s colors with the party…You could go all out and bake a cake then decorate it with layers of ombre pink frosting ruffles or you could do what I did and have your grocery store’s bakery take on the job. Haha! Then all you have to do is top it with a princess figure and your cake is perfectly on theme.

sleeping beauty table

Decorate with gifts…Pick up some dolls that go along with your party theme and include them in your tablescape. Finish things off with fun, textured fabric to serve as a tablecloth and include some simple floral arrangements!

window clings

Keep them busy with window clings…My kids are suckers for window clings. Give your tiny party guests a pack of clings and it will serve as a game. Trust me. They eat those things up! Make them practice their fine motor skills while they party. Bwah!

princess dress

Pick up a princess dress…If your little one likes dress up, a princess dress is a necessity for a Sleeping Beauty party. Dressing the part is just so much fun for the guest of honor! Plus, just think about all the adorable photo opps!

sleeping beauty party ideas

So, there you have it, my super easy Sleeping Beauty party ideas. Hopefully they will make your little birthday princess as happy as they made mine!

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