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5 Easy Entertaining Life Hacks

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Amana, but the opinions expressed are our own.

Have you pinned countless DIY projects, but never quite gotten around to tackling most of them because they’re just too daunting or you simply don’t have the time? Well, the BonBon Rose Girls are coming to your rescue today with a slew of easy, budget friendly life hacks that take mere minutes to execute, yet will make a fabulous statement. Plus, they’re eco conscious as they make use of items you already have at home. That means you can feel great about leaving a smaller footprint on our planet with your projects!

Both Megan and I love to entertain, so we thought it would be fun to come up with DIY projects that you could use at your next dinner party or summer soiree! If you know us in real life, you know that one of us happens to be craftier than the other. I won’t name names. Haha! But these life hacks are SO simple, even the most DIY challenged person should have no trouble pulling them off without a hitch!

1. DIY Chalkboard Menu DIY Chalkboard Menu DIY Chalkboard Menu DIY Chalkboard Menu

We all have a frame lying around that we haven’t used right? Perhaps you received it as a gift or bought it on sale and never found a place for it. Well, get ready to put that baby to work! All you need to make our chalkboard menu project is a frame, chalkboard spray paint and chalk.

1. Remove the glass and cardboard backing from the frame.
2. Spray paint either the glass or backing. Use at least two coats and allow ample drying time in between coats. I waited three hours.
*If you live in a place that has temps above 90 and high humidity, I would recommend painting the cardboard versus the glass. I learned that lesson the hard way. The humidity caused serious bubbling on my glass.
3. After it’s thoroughly dry, place your new “chalkboard” in the frame and write your menu on it with your chalk.

2. Berry Infused Ice Cubes
Berry Infused Ice Cubes Berry Infused Ice Cubes Berry Infused Ice Cubes

The next time you set out the water glasses, why not add a little something extra to the equation? Our berry infused ice cubes DIY is as easy as pie and make for such a pretty presentation. You will need ice cube trays, berries and water.

1. Fill your ice cube trays.
2. Add a berry or two to each cube slot. I used raspberries and blueberries because they’re the perfect sizes and the colors look lovely together.
3. Freeze the trays. If you’re looking for greater efficiency, check out Amana’s bottom freezer refrigerator.
4. Place the fruity cubes in your glasses and enjoy.

3. DIY Milk Glass Vases
DIY Milk Glass Vase DIY Milk Glass Vase DIY Milk Glass Vase

I love the sweet vintage look of milk glass, but often it can be hard to find or pricey. Here’s a quick inexpensive way to get a similar look for a party using only a few old vases and a can of spray paint.

1. Find small vases, preferably with some texture around your house or at a thrift store like Goodwill.
2. Clean thoroughly with soapy water and let dry.
3. Using a glossy white spray paint, spray the vases evenly. Let dry and repeat for a second coat. Don’t forget to spray the inside of the vase too!
4. Once dry, arrange with flowers and display!

4. No Sew Cloth Napkins
No Sew Cloth NapkinsNo Sew Cloth NapkinsNo Sew Cloth Napkins

I adore bright bold cloth napkins and making them in just a few minutes was a win! This is a great way to use up scraps of fabric left over from other projects. All you need is about a yard of fabric, no sew hem tape, scissors and an iron.

1. Using a fun cotton fabric, first wash and dry thoroughly in your washer and dryer to help ensure no future fabric shrinkage. Amana just so happens to have eco conscious options!
2. Cut cloth into 13 inch squares (or larger if desired, you can’t go wrong!).
3. Using Heat’n Bond (or similar) no sew iron-on hem tape, fold each edge over approximately one inch, insert a strip of the Heat’n Bond tape and iron over the area for approximately 3 seconds per side.
4. Repeat for each of the four sides for each napkin.
5. Enjoy decorating your table with your new washable cloth napkins!

5. Recycled Wine Bottle Lighting

Recycled Wine Bottle Lighting Recycled Wine Bottle Lighting

Who doesn’t love the ambiance of candlelight? Create a romantic tablescape in seconds with just a candle and empty wine bottle! This was a great way to surprise my husband with a quiet moment after the kiddo went to bed. Gotta love those late summer sunsets!

1. Using an empty wine bottle, remove the label as best you can and wash thoroughly with warm soapy water to remove the remaining sticky residue.
2. Once dry, take a long tapered candle and insert into wine bottle. If you have trouble inserting, using a sharp knife, safely shave the bottom inch of the candle down, making it more narrow to fit the bottle.
*Please note that dripless candles work best, unless you’re like me and love the look of the dripping wax. If so, just make sure to place in a location that’s safe, such as a glass top table and not on your favorite table cloth.

So, do you think you’d be able to tackle one of these life hacks? Have any similar you’d like to share with us? We’re all ears!


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