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The Best Blush Colored Target Deal of the Day

Ask me my favorite color and I would have to say that it’s currently blush. I seriously can’t get enough of it. I want to wear it…I want to decorate with it…I want to celebrate with it! And clearly Target has my number, because they have no shortage of beautiful blush finds right now. Some of my favorites are definitely in the home decor department. Of course, the too cute for words bottles of blush colored rosé speak my  love language too. Bwah! In fact, I found a slew of blush pretties on one of my recent shopping trips! Any one of them would qualify as the best blush colored Target deal of the day. What is my Target deal of the day you ask? Well, it’s anything unexpected that I find at Target with a less than prohibitive price tag attached. I’m pretty free and loose with my qualifications, but that you go. Haha!

girl sitting on big red ball at targer

If there is anything I like at Target, it’s a good deal. Actually, who am I kidding? I love everything there, but it’s a bonus when I find what I consider a good Target deal of the day! Because while I don’t always go in with a shopping agenda, I’m not opposed to walking away with some treasures. Give me a cuppa coffee, no kids tugging on my arm and my Target deal of the day find and I’m a happy girl! We all need that happy place that will make us smile no matter what. Am I right? Target is that place for me. Even if I don’t spend more than the couple dollars I drop on my coffee, I always walk out happier. Because you don’t have to shop to get inspired. You just might come away with some decorating inspo like I did!

Blush Bathroom Ideas

blush soap dispenser

blush bathroom rug and seafoam and coral towels at Target

I’m in the process of redoing the bathrooms on our bottom floor, including our master bathroom. And while the rest of the house is the modern farmhouse vibe I love, I kind of want to do something a little more elegant with our master retreat. Let me rephrase that. I want to create a master retreat then decorate it in soft blush tones. It currently includes a bathroom that’s in demo mode and furniture that isn’t exactly cohesive. So, excuse me while I daydream about my blush bathroom ideas. Clearly I’ll need delicate blush soap dispensers right? Well, Target, specifically Opalhouse, have me covered on that front! And it’s only $12.99. I’ve always found that glass soap dispensers give such a classy feel to your bathroom. And what about a blush ombre rug? I mean every bathroom needs one of those right?! It’s like the perfect blonzer palette in rug form! At under $20, how can you go wrong?

How Does Rose Wine Taste?

yes way rose wine at target

And speaking of under $20, have you seen the adorbs Yes Way Rosé at Target? First off, it’s our color of choice AND the packaging is seriously too cute for words. I see a spring brunch setup with a few bottles chilling. But how does rose wine taste you ask? Well, typically it has a light, fruity flavor. Nothing beats a nice, chilled glass on a warm day. Don’t worry. You’ll see warmer days soon. Unless you’re a fellow Floridian and totally diggin’ the beautiful weather we’re having already.

So, obviously I need to go get some of this particular rosé so I can give you a proper opinion right? Like I said, I can’t yet vouch for how good this wine tastes, but I can vouch for how cute your photo opps will be. Haha! Ok, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to make it my mission to grab a bottle ASAP so I can give tell you whether it needs to land in your wine fridge. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it. It’s in the eighties here in Florida today, after all, so a nice cold glass of rosé certainly would not be out of order! I’ll share my final word on the subject in our Insta stories, so stay tuned…

More At First Blush Inspiration 

Now that you’ve seen my latest Target deal of the day inspiration, check out how we paired a sweet little white tip with blush accessories! At first blush, you’ll love it. I have no doubt! And if you do decide to throw that spring brunch I mentioned, complete with rosé, make sure you check out our friend Krystal’s Stop and Smell the Rosé printable! It would look too cute framed and set out on your bar!

Shop my Target Deal of the Day: blush soap dispenser / blush ombre bathroom rug

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