How to Add Spring to Your Home Decor

Let’s talk about how to add spring to your home decor shall we? Easter is over, but it’s not quite summer right? What do you do with your seasonal decor in the meantime? Well, if you decorated with colors that will last the rest of the season, you’re good to go. You simply need to put away any overtly Easter(ish) decorative accents.

It’s easier than you would think add spring to your home decor. Like I said, it’s all about the color palette when you’re thinking about how to add spring to your home decor…Your Easter table can even stay as is if you like it. I may put away the bunny, but a tablecloth and napkins full of spring hues still work just fine. Don’t you think?

Speaking of color…I’m a big fan of starting with a neutral base that you can work from so you can switch out home decor pieces like, like throw pillows, with each season. Hence, why I selected a grey couch when we moved to our new home.

I know myself and I know I get bored, especially right now since I’m home ALL the time. So, having the flexibility to be able to change the look of our loving room simply by swapping out the accents certainly appealed.

When I photographed this particular room it was still in transition as I had some new furniture, flooring, window treatments etc. going in certain spaces, but in the meantime, the spring colors still make me happy, so I’ve brought out those accents again for this season toon!

5 Easy Tips for How to Add Spring to Your Home Decor

1. Choose bright, cheerful accent colors. I went with pops of yellow and turquoise for instance, but I’m also living for coral and blush this season as well. They look great with navy!
2. Switch up your throw pillows. New throw pillows can instantly change the feel of a room! I feel like my yellow throw pillows make the space look so much brighter.
3. Hang a spring wreath. There is nothing better than walking up to a happy front door! It will always put a smile on your face, not to mention your guests’.
4. Put out fresh flowers. Even if you do nothing else, pretty blooms will always evoke a spring vibe. My sister brought me the flowers you see on my coffee table. I haven’t even potted them yet and they still perk things up.
5. Add some greenery. House plants are all the rage right now. Nothing feels a bare corner more beautifully than a plant. If you have a black thumb, simply try one that’s a little easier to care for like a rubber plant! I’m about to try my hand at the Fiddle Leaf Fig. I’ll keep you posted. You can seen Megan’s peeking out in this pic.

spring wreath

Now that you’ve seen how to add spring to your home decor, for even more home decorating fun, check out our tips on how to set up a home office space without an extra room! You won’t believe how easy it is to create your own home office even without a designated room. And our friend Krystal has some great coastal decorating ideas too!

how to add spring to your home

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