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“Stock the Library” Baby Book Shower

Baby Book Basket

I adore throwing parties and baby showers are no exception.  After all, there is nothing more exciting then welcoming a sweet squishy baby into this world. Although, sometimes baby showers can get a little tricky for co-workers.  Do you really want to be looking at their breast pump selection and how much is the right amount to spend?

That’s why I L-O-V-E the type of baby shower that is often thrown for those expecting around my office.  It’s a “Stock The Baby Library” shower!  Each person attending the shower brings in a book or two of their choosing.  Often folks choose something sentimental like their own childhood favorite or a book that their little one read each night.  Typically a book sign-up sheet is circulated so that we don’t end up with 5 copies of Goodnight Moon.  Next, the host typically purchases a cute basket and baby blanket to collect them all in. And voila! The perfect office shower gift is presented to the mom-to-be.

Last week we put together the above basket for a good friend and below is Jake’s own baby library basket, a go-to each night as we decide what to read.

Baby Book Basket

What do you think?  Would you love receiving this shower as much as I did?  Do you have any great and easy ways to celebrate co-workers?



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