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Product Crush: Eden Allure Argan Oil

Eden Allure sent over some of their products for us to try just in time for summer. I am always a sucker for trying new oils, especially Argan! Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Moroccan Argan tree and has been used for ages as a moisturizer. To restore moisture to your skin, apply 1-2 drops and smooth over face and neck at night. You can also use the oil on your cuticles, body, and hair! This is a product I’ll be adding to my travel beauty essentials list because it’s an all-in-one.

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Some things I LOVED about the Eden Allure’s Argan Oil
• It has a pump dispenser, which makes it super easy to use
• Plastic packaging makes it great for travel
• It’s multi-purpose!

I also experienced Eden Allure’s Argan Oil Soap. This soap is most definitely one-of-a-kind. It creates a thick and moisturizing lather and leaves a wonderful soft scent (you can choose from lavender and grapefruit). The ingredients include several organic oils such as sunflower, palm, and coconut. This soap is perfect to get you through those the hot summer months when your skin loses its luster!

So, are you a fellow Argan Oil lover? What are your favorite Argan products?

Disclosure: We were provided with products for purposes of this review, but the opinions expressed are our own!

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  1. Imogen says

    Sounds good, a pump dispenser is always a plus. I have tried a couple of argan oil products and I have always been happy with them.

  2. Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos says

    I’m in love with argan (and coconut oil)! I just slathered it all over my face before bed and I use it in my hair on especially frizzy days. It’s awesome!

  3. Carly says

    I really like the oil in pump…reviewed this a bit ago…and have been using the oil mixed in with my Jergens lotion.

    I didn’t care for the soaps ONLY because I don’t use soap..I use shower gel…but they did lather really nice.

    To answer your question..I haven’t ordered from the Golden Tote yet..just found out about them but am planning to do the 49 dollar grab bag.

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