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Quick and Healthy Snack: Cucumber Fruit Dip Sandwiches

Cucumber fruit dip sandwiches

I think we all get a little bored or in a rut when it comes to healthy snacking. When I’m busy I tend to grab what I know is a winner for both us and Jake. Which is a shame! I have been blessed with a “happy taste tester” for a kid. I have a theory that each kid has a few things they naturally do well and perhaps not so well when it comes to healthy behaviors. That way Moms everywhere aren’t pulling their hair out over everything at once, ha!

My toddler has ridiculous crazy hair (two competing cowlicks!) that can’t be tamed despite my daily attempts. However, he is a great taste tester. He happily tries new foods, even if he doesn’t like them all. So, I’m trying to embrace this and make sure to expose him to a good variety of food. Recently he rediscovered cucumbers. Last year he wasn’t loving them but right now they are his JAM! So here’s a quick snack I’ve been making for him that I thought I’d share.

Cucumber fruit dip sandwiches

First just use a vegetable peeler to peel the skin off the cucumber. I prefer English hothouse cucumbers.

Cucumber fruit dip sandwiches

Next I slice them into small slices.

Cucumber fruit dip sandwiches

Finally I take some cream cheese and yogurt fruit dip (found in most produce sections) and make them into little sandwiches.

Cucumber fruit dip sandwiches

We’ve all been loving these cucumber fruit dip sandwiches and they are great for leaving out on a plate and watching as they disappear throughout the afternoon. One fun way to get vegetables in without turning on the stove, yes!

What are your favorite healthy snacks for the family? Would your little one be willing to try these? Anyone else fight dueling cowlicks on the daily? Do tell!


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