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The Best Tips for How to Organize Your Garage

Get ready to finally find out how to organize your garage. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organization!

So, who knows how to organize your garage? I mean REALLY organize it? I did just that when we were preparing to put our house on the market a few summers ago and it’s high time I apply some tried and true tricks to our over-stuffed garage. Bwah!

It certainly is the perfect time isn’t it? Now that spring has made her mark, summer is almost here and we’re all staying home more, I’d say it’s time for mission organization. All those spring cleaning and organization projects we started, but put on the back burner, are ready for us. Who’s with me?

The reality is that many households focus on spring cleaning in the house, but neglect the garage. That poor old cluttered garage is just one area that many of us tend to forget or at least put off. You know this girl has.

Summer temps will be here before we know it, so it’s important to make sure we focus on getting our garage in shape now. Who wants to do that in the dead of summer? Not I! Never fear. These tips for how to organize your garage will surely help you get it ready for the warm weather months that are nearly here!

how to organize your garage

In fact, I’ll be making use of these myself this weekend and I’ll be sure to stop back in with an update. You may remember that we moved into a new home not that long ago and we are smack dab in the middle of so many projects at the moment. New window coverings were installed last year. Sod  went down, not to mention new mulch and flowers to spruce up the landscaping.

And did I tell you about the new outdoor light sconces that are, hopefully, going up soon too? And what about the new flooring that we welcomed last winter? EEEK! Our plates have definitely been full, but I know a cleaned out and organized garage will make us feel so much better. Those projects that we had to put on hold won’t feel as vexing if we organize the areas we can control.  

Tips for How to Organize Your Garage

Take it all Out

Your first step for how to organize your garage is to take everything out of the garage and place it in your driveway. Gather the family and go through every single item that’s been taken out of the garage. If you haven’t used an item in the last six months or since last spring season, it needs to go into a trash, donate or yard sale pile.

Create Zones

Secondly, you’ll want to create zones for various items in your garage. Organization is all about
removing clutter and making sure what you’re keeping has a home within the garage. You can label
areas in the garage using a label maker or cardboard signs. Once you have created each zone for the
items you’ll keep, you can move onto the next step in how to organize your garage.

Give Everything in Your Garage a Home

Hang those Bikes

Many families have bicycles for their kids and sometimes the adults too. Try to hang the bikes from your
ceiling using mounts or a free post in the garage. This will surely free up space and keep those bikes
from tumbling over on you as you work to spring clean your garage.

Make a Tool Wall

Using boards and clips, you can easily store miscellaneous tools and other small items on the wall in
your garage. Gather up all of the tools that you want to keep. Once you know which tools to hang on the
wall, you can trace each tool so that the whole family knows where to return the tool when they use it.

Storage Bins

There are many storage bins made for the purpose of outdoor storage, some are even poolside storage
bins. These work great inside the garage during spring cleaning season to hold your potting soil, bicycle
helmets, swim gear and other supplies that always seem to clutter up your garage.

More Organization  Inspiration

There you have it, a few easy tips for how to organize your garage. If you make use of them, you’ll feel great about opening that garage door AND you won’t have to stress about your neighbors catching a peek of your unorganized space. Just sayin’. Instead, they’ll see a clutter-free garage that you’ll be proud to show off all summer long!

And for more organization inspo, check out our tips for how to organize your car! Our friend Krystal rounded up a slew of the best organization books for your home!

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