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The Stress Free Way to Sell Your House with a Pet

goldendoodle puppy lying in grass

Let me ask you something. Are you a fellow fur parent? We have three cuter than cute pets at home, including two cats and a brand new puppy! There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for our fur babies except maybe majorly inconvenience them when we’re selling our house. Bwah! If you’re thinking about listing your own home anytime soon, you’re going to want to hear all about the stress free way to sell your house. I’m talking about less stress on you AND your pets. Because, let’s face it, they’re like our kids.

And we hate seeing our kids unhappy, don’t we? I mean we just had our sweet little puppy girl spayed and seeing her with that pitiful looking cone around her neck is killing me. She’s normally filled with an unlimited supply of magical energy. It’s so sad to see her bright light extinguished a bit. I know she’ll be up and running again soon, but it’s still no picnic seeing her unhappy. So, if we decided it was time to move on to another home, I can’t imagine trying to make the whole selling process work around a puppy’s schedule. We sometimes had to stay out
of our old house for hours while we showed it. What a pain that would be with a dog! Who needs that kind of headache? Not this girl!

apricot goldendoodle puppy running in grass

Say Goodbye to Stress

Take it from someone with experience. You don’t want the headache either. And the stress that comes with the traditional house selling experience goes beyond having to leave your house at the drop of a hat. There’s also all the staging, purging and trying to keep your home ready to show at any moment. That was so hard on all my kids, human and feline. I was constantly having to stash toys and scoop litter boxes. I wish you could have seen how spotless my house was. It’s never looked that way again if that gives you perspective. Haha! If only I’d known there was an easier way to sell our home in Tampa! Luckily for you future sellers, the stress free way to sell a house is just a click away!

goldendoodle dog sitting down

apricot goldendoodle dog with wavy coat

Sell Your House Without Showing It

That’s right. Offerpad has removed the hassle of showing your home from the process. It’s literally as easy as requesting a free purchase offer which takes a mere five minutes. Within 24 hours you’ll have an offer on your home. You won’t have to pare down your belongings. And you won’t have to keep your home perfectly staged and picked up at all times. Plus, you can forget about worrying about how long your house will stay on the market. And your kids and pets won’t have to be displaced for hours out of the day. Everybody’s happy! As an added bonus, Offerpad will pay for your move within a 50 mile radius in partnership with the tech moving platform, Bellhops.

And I haven’t even told you about the best part. You can pick your own closing date. No haggling back and forth with potential buyers. Instead of being forced to close sooner or later than you want to, you hold the cards! If the date no longer works for you, you can change it. As someone who was packing right up until we signed on the dotted line, I can tell you that kind of flexibility is priceless!

apricot goldendoodle dog with bone

Why Offerpad?

You can bet that if we decide it’s time to move on from our current home in the future, we’ll be looking into Offerpad. Because now that we have even more family members, remember that adorable puppy I mentioned, I’m even less interested in inconveniencing them! And if that isn’t enough to convince you, maybe the 94% customer satisfaction rate will! We live by reviews these days don’t we? That’s a pretty impressive statistic if you ask me! As is the many regions they cover. This groundbreaking company currently serves cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Tampa and more! Formed by two real estate pioneers, the industry experts at Offerpad are ready to help you sell your home STAT!

And now that you’ve learned about the stress free way to sell your house, how about some organization tips to get ready for the big move? Our take on how to organize your garage should help! Happy selling!

This post was sponsored by Offerpad. All opinions expressed are our own.

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