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My First Felt Hat

Have you ever wondered if you can pull of a felt hat? You know the ones that grace the covers of magazines and are all over Pinterest come fall? Well I’ve been super intimidated to try out a felt hat but really loved the style. My fears basically circled around a few basic questions. What if I look like a goofball and what do I do with the hat once inside? Can you wear it at a dinner table at a restaurant?

Once I decided I was ready to put my fashion fears aside and give it a go, I then had trouble finding the perfect felt hat for me. Turns out that the one size fits all doesn’t work for my noggin’. I need a hat that’s more sized. Then finally I found a hat that I loved at Banana Republic while holiday shopping. It was on sale and fit perfect! Voila!

Black Hat in WinterFor my first felt hat look I decided for a casual chic vibe. It was a crisp winter day and a black blazer with jeans felts perfect. I went with a slightly relaxed fit of these Lucky jeans. I recently picked up this cream shell with a keyhole at the neckline. I knew it would be really versatile, especially with work looks, and I love the longer length. Definitely a good score!

Styling a Black HatWinter Black Hat
Black Hat in WinterOf course I go into mama mode as soon as Jake runs over to me. I love how he always tries to get in on my photos. Cutest lil’ photo bomber. Swoon!

Playing with JakePlaying with Jake
Black Heeled BootiesShop the Look: Felt Hat / Blazer / Shell Blouse (similar) / Jeans / Booties (similar)

Now that I’ve found my stride with my first felt hat, I can’t wait to keep styling it all season long. I’m loving the look and only wish I had jumped on board sooner! After all, what is more beautiful than wearing something you love with confidence?!

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  1. Cynthia says

    I am not a hat person, but you are. The felt hat looks great on you. Funny thing, I kept looking at your shoes, so glad you shared a closeup of them at the end of your post. Your little guy is too cute!

  2. Star Traci says

    You are rocking that hat. I grew up in the 70s/80s and my mom used to wear felt hats all the time so to me, they’ve always been elegant. Good addition to the wardrobe.

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