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Style Crush: Nicole Richie & We’re Giving Away House of Harlow Earrings

Happy hump day lovelies! It’s wonderful to see all your pretty blog faces at our new site. Hopefully you’re getting used to us not being at the Blogger site anymore. We truly appreciate your willingness to follow us to something different. And to all you new readers…here’s a big old welcome hug!

I started to really take notice of Nicole Richie’s style presence shortly before she became preggers with her cutie patootie lil’ nugget Harlow.

And then when I saw that her maternity style was just as killer, a style crush was born. She does boho chic better than anyone and I’m eternally trying to emulate it.

So, it’s no surprise that I’m completely enamored with her Winter Kate and House of Harlow lines. And this is why I’m elated to announce that we’re giving away a gorgeous pair of House of Harlow earrings from Frankie’s on the Park to one lucky reader!

House of Harlow earrings

Frankie’s on the Park is a Chicago area boutique that focuses on teen fashion, but I managed to find quite a few goodies that I wouldn’t mind scoring for myself. I guess that means I’m young at heart. HA!

silk tank
Isn’t the color of this silk tank divine?

layered chain necklace
I have a layered chain addiction. I need a twelve step program.

tie dye t shirt
Tie dye doesn’t scare me!

leather bangle bracelet
Leather, crystals and studs oh my!

Here are the amount of entries you can earn for the HOH earrings: {You don’t have to enter each one individually. I.E. If you follow on GFC, just tell us that. You don’t have comment that 5 times!} This giveaway will be open through 6.22.10 at midnight CST.

1. Visit Frankie’s on the Park {1 entry}
2. Follow our new site with Google Friend Connect, which is at the top of our left sidebar. {5 entries}
3. “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. {2 entries}
4. “Like” Frankie’s on the Park on Facebook. {1 entry}
4. Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. {2 entries}
5. Follow Frankie’s on the Park on Twitter. {1 entry}
5. Tweet about this giveaway {2 entries}
6. Blog about this giveaway {3 entries}
7. Update your blog roll with our new URL {1 entry}
8. Grab our new button {3 entries}

As some of you know I write for another site called Shoptopia…Yesterday I came up with some shopping spree suggestions, here, for when your man candy decides to drop too much dough on video game silliness! HA! Poke around the site while you’re there. It’s loads of fun!

Ok, lovelies. That’s all for today. It’s the middle of the night and I’m beyond beat. The dude decided that bedtime was just not for him and he was up and down until almost 3:00 AM. Good bet he’ll be awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed, at 7:00 though. I will forever wonder where toddlers get all their energy. If I ever find out I’m gonna bottle it! Any buyers?

p.s. Our Kate Spade ring giveaway is still open too!


  1. Polly says

    I could go into business with you. Ive got lots of toddler energy to give away. Hope that your little dude gave you a break tonight. xx

  2. Jessica says

    Frankie’s is great! Just what I need – another store to add wish list items from! Haha. I do adore the Tan Nail Head Studded Wrap Bracelet, though.

    I’m following you here, lovelies! And I’m a follower on Twitter (@style_obsession).

    I also just updated my blog roll – thanks for the reminder!

  3. Trish @ Pink Preppy Lilly Lover says

    Hi sweetie, sorry the dude has his bedtime schedule all mixed up this week! Just wanted to send you a smile and a hug!

    Nicole Richie is adorable, such a sweet tiny little thing with so much spunk and style…much like someone else I know! xoxo Mwah!

  4. Jenny says

    Gosh, I’m glad you all reminded me to update your blog address on my blog roll and I grabbed your new button too! LOVING the new blog! Oh, yeah I’m following. Also deeply love Nicole Ritchie’s style!!! You all have the best giveaways!

  5. Heather says

    OMG! I’m soooo excited about this giveaway!! I also have a huuuuge style crush on Nicole, which only got stronger through my pregnancy (which was at the same time has her pregnancy with Sparrow). I visited the site and love the Patterson J Kinkaid tops!

  6. cashmere pearls & boots says

    nicole richie definitely pulled it back together! that white dress she is wearing is so pretty. and i only wish i could do boho chic like that. i’m with you on always trying to get it right.
    (i blogged over at blogger, and i am a follower)


  7. Tana says

    I love this site just as much as I loved the “old” site. I already ‘like” you girls on FB cause well, I love your blog! lol
    Kids never ever do what we want do they?? lol Hope it gets easier!!!

  8. cashmere pearls & boots says

    ok something weird keeps happening when i comment on this site! ha

    ok: what i said, nicole richie def made a come back. that white dress is lovely. and like you, i wish that i could get that boho chic-ness just right. those earrings are awesome!
    (i blogged at blogger, and i am a follower!)

  9. Cara says

    So excited about this giveaway! You gotta love Nicole and her amazing style 🙂
    Of course I am following, tweeting and well all the above 😉
    <3 Cara

  10. valentine says

    i can’t believe that chubby, trashy girl who hung around paris hilton has grown into the nicole richie we all know and love today. i love her style and her kids are beyond adorable!!

  11. belle on heels says

    put me down for 9 entries! i visited frankie’s on park website, i’m following your new site, i’m a fan of the bonbon rose girls on facebook, and i just updated my blogroll with your new site. thanks for the fab giveaway!!

  12. anh says

    hi kristin! what a great giveaway! i ‘like’ you on fb, i am a follower on twitter, i am already following your blog via google connect, and my blogroll has your new website addy. and i have visited their website and i adore the studded and nailhead bracelets. AND i have added your button to my blog. cheers! have a great hump day!

  13. Marie says

    Those earrings are so cute! What a fabulous giveaway! I, too admire Nicole Richie’s boho-chic style! I follow you on google friend connect already ; )

  14. Laura@JourneyChic says

    Oooh! Fun giveaway! I’ve got your latest button (with updated URL), and like (or should I say love!) you gals on FB, too.

    Frankie’s has some very fun gold suede fringe sandals on sale!

  15. Anna K says

    I follow you, like you on facebook, have updated my blog roll, and have your button! (11 entries)

    And yes, I would buy your bottled energy! (or if you can bottle something to help our babies sleep through the night-that would be great too!) haha… good luck!

  16. maggie d. says

    i LOVE those earrings, and nicole richie is one of my very favorite style icons. like you, i’m a supporter of anything boho chic, and she oozes it from every pore!

  17. Salt says

    Nicole is one of my style faves too! And I LOVE those earrings. I follow you here, Twitter, and Facebook, you’re in my blogroll and I have your button!

    I need to take a trip to Chicago.

  18. betsy says

    very cute store! Love their things. I live in the burbs of chicago now and will have to check out Frankies next time I am in the city.

  19. Sherin says

    I love Nicole Richies style these days. She looks really great. And what a great giveaway. I follow you on twitter and I follow through google friend connect.

  20. Dany says

    I love her style! There’s non better than her mixing vintage with new clothes! Her brand are amazing, I think its the only brand of a celebrity I really like! She has such good taste!

  21. Chrystal says

    I tweeted! @ChrystalLou

    These absolutely amazing ladies @bonbonrosegirls are having a @nicolerichie House of Harlow giveaway and it’s divine! Fingers Crossed!

  22. Jolie says

    Wonderful! I love Nicole and her Winter Kate line.
    I am a follower of course.
    Visited Frankie’s on the Park
    I am a FB friend
    I am following on Twitter.

  23. Katy Mary says

    Oh my gosh I have always loved Nicole Richie and her style and clothing lines are amazing!! I visited Frankies! What a fab website I would love a whole slew of items from there 🙂 I do follow here, I like you on Facebook and I follow you on Twitter! I am about to Tweet this and update my Blogroll 🙂 Love you ladies!!

  24. DeAnna says

    1. just went to the site – i’d start adding gold into my jewelry to wear the tree of life earrings! love the forest necklace w/smoky topaz and the sheer hearther grey pullover.
    2. follow on GFC
    3. like on FB
    4. follow on twitter (deannacedeno)
    5. will blog about this….
    6. my blogroll updated itself w/your new site
    7. i already have your button.


  25. Luisa says

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I Love Nicole Ritchie’s style… I have visited Frankie’s on the Park, i already follow u with Google Friend Connect, I already “Like” you on facebook. I “Like” Frankie’s on the Park on facebook, I follow u on twitter @bellini33 and follow Frankie’s on the Park on twitter @bellini33, I have tweeted about this giveaway!


  26. Katie says

    1. Visited Frankie’s on the Park
    2. Follow your new site with Google Friend Connect
    3. Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter
    4. Tweeted about this giveaway
    5. Updated my blog roll with your new URL

    Um I love House of Harlow 🙂

  27. Kristin says

    Love it!!

    *I’m a GFC follower (love the new set up ladies)
    *Fan on facebook
    *I went to Frankie’s on the Park…love it! I really like the natural gemstone necklace
    *I have your new URL on my blog list

    Thanks for such a fun giveaway ladies

  28. Phiephie and Minnie says

    Hey! Thanks for your lovely comment on The Fashion Smoke! I am so in love with each piece from the House of Harlow collection… the perfect balance of 70s chic!!

    We’re following you on google friend connect now too 🙂

    The Fashion Smoke xx

  29. siovhan says

    KRISTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Nicole’s style. I always want to be able to wear the huge headbands she wears. And those earrings are divine.

    P.S. Love the new layout/site. So cute.

  30. Allison says

    Those earrings are beautiful – I have Tweeted the giveaway, I follow you on Twitter, I follow the fabulous Frankie’s on Twitter, I looked at the beautiful and chic Frankie’s website AND of course, I follow your fabulous blog!
    Nicole Richie is such a style icon – I love that she used to be kind of trashy, but she’s completely reinvented herself into this gorgeous and tres chic woman! 🙂

  31. Kellie says

    I would totally buy that energy in a bottle! 🙂

    Ok, for my entries:
    I’m a google friend connect, I have your blog in my blog roll, I’m a facebook fan and a twitter friend.

    Those earrings are fabulous!

  32. Helena says

    Lovely shop, I would wear a few of their stuff and Im way passed my teen years!
    I follow you girls always faithfully! Through GCF, I like you n FB and Ill be stalking you on Twitter (@adiaryoflovely) OOh! I updated my blogroll too

  33. Ming says

    That’s an amazing giveaway!
    I visited Frankies on the Park, I’m a google friend connect, I’m a fan of your blog on facebook and I’m following you on twitter (ming_89)

  34. Cecilia says

    Nicole does have great style…and I love those earrings. I have refreshed my blog roll with your new site, I also follow you on twitter!! 🙂 xo

  35. wendy sue says

    frankie’s has adorable things- I wish there were stores like this when I was a tween!

    I am BBG follower + FB fan too!

  36. kristin says

    Love the earrings!
    I thought it was easier to post comments on the earlier blog, am I the only one? Maybe I am just nostalgic? Would love to hear what the advantages are to change the web set up:)
    Thank you for your comments by the way. Always deeply appreciated. Have a wonderful evening!

  37. Lyddiegal says

    1. Went to Frankies, and I agree, the crystal studded bracelet is so cool, and I too can’t get enough of layered chains!!
    2. I’m a blog follower with google,
    3. and of you on twitter!

  38. dustjacket attic says

    Hi babe, thanks for you lovely comment 🙂

    I love your new place, sorry I’m such a slack ass lately…building a house, stressful 😮

    big hugs DJ

  39. Kathy says

    Love her look….but I’m too old to pull off!
    I wanted you all to know I left you some happiness on my blog today…I know it’s not really what your blog is about ….but want you and others to know your blog makes me happy!

  40. Arushi Khosla says

    OMGOMGOMG I LOOOVE. Nicole is seriously under rated. She’s got a seriously strong sense of style and it’s boho but just to the right extent with chicer elements thrown in.

    Following you here (and I’m doing a giveaway of my own, check it out if you want 😉 )

  41. Tina B. says

    I love Nicole Richie’s style!
    Visited Frankie’s on the Park {1 entry}
    Following your new site with Google Friend Connect – Tina Renee Barker {5 entries}
    3. “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. Tina Renee Barker {2 entries}
    4. “Like” Frankie’s on the Park on Facebook. Tina Renee B.{1 entry}
    4. Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. @warp65 {2 entries}
    5. Follow Frankie’s on the Park on Twitter.@warp65 {1 entry}
    = 12 entries! Thanks!!

  42. Kirsten says

    I LOVE Nic (you know we are best friends so I call her Nic ;). Anyways of course I follow you ladies to the ends of the earth. I was kinda hoping that after clicking their website the dress for my sisters for my wedding would just POP right out. Sadly no.

  43. alissa says

    i follow you on twitter AND just updated my blogroll. lets hope those three are a charm.
    nicole richie has the best style! after taking the same identical heidi klum photo to my hairstylist for years im finally changing things up – nicole richie photos ready to go!

  44. jessica says


    I love this site. I just did the following:

    1. Visit Frankie’s on the Park {1 entry}
    2. Follow our new site with Google Friend Connect, which is at the top of our left sidebar. {5 entries}
    3. “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. {2 entries}
    4. “Like” Frankie’s on the Park on Facebook. {1 entry}
    4. Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. {2 entries}
    5. Follow Frankie’s on the Park on Twitter. {1 entry}

    I love House of Harlow and Winter Kate. My two favorite brands by my favorite designer! Hope to win!

  45. iheartkiwi says

    absolutely, without a doubt, my most favorite giveaway ever! i love house of harlow but don’t have any of the pieces yet!

    i just became a follower on twitter… feeling very techno savvy indeed.

  46. Taj says

    Great new site!
    Please enter me! I am a follower, and I visted Frankies! Love the white tank the model is wearing cuuute!

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