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Fabulous, Yet Budget Friendly Rain Boots

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I know they’re not everyone’s cuppa tea…but I big puffy heart Hunter rain boots. Meg has a pair that I drooled over the entire time we were at fashion week last February. Unfortunately, seeing as I’m a Florida resident, the cost to wear ratio of Hunters just wouldn’t come out in my favor.

hunter original tall metallic rain boot

Hunter Original Tall Metallic Rain Boot at Nordstrom

So, I was super psyched when I came across Tretorn’s rainboots. They’re just as cute as my beloved Hunters at more than half the price! And they come in a bevy of fabulous colors! Seeing as I have another NYC trip on the agenda this winter, I think I can justify the Tretorns. Don’t you? Can any of you Hunter addicts be converted?

tretorn skerry reslig in yellow

Tretorn Skerry Reslig in Yellow

tretorn skerry reslig in pink rouge

Tretorn Skerry Reslig in Pink Rouge

tretorn kelly in charcoal gray

Tretorn Kelly in Charcoal Gray

If rain boots aren’t so much your thing, check out my post from earlier today on the classic tweed jacket!


  1. Paulettew says

    I really need to invest in getting some rainboots. I always find myself traveling around in sneakers when it rains outside. I’m always thinking in the back in my mind, “You need rain boots.” I am so going to get some before Spring comes.

  2. dashannon says

    I like the Tretorns but I’m holding out for those Hunters some where they have to go on sale don’t they?!?! Have you seen all the sock inserts you can buy for them? Adorable (and costly). But waiting for that September issue of Vogue has increased my patience πŸ™‚ you restored my hope it will be here tomorrow~

  3. Stephanie Ruby Feldman says

    Very cute! I need a new pair for the season …also need to figure out how to make it when I wear socks with them that the socks do not slide down and crumple at my toes…must wear socks or my feet sweat…I know TMI…but if I am going to walk in the rain this year I must have a pair as well as a clear dome umbrella!

  4. Mara says

    wow those tretorn boots are awesome! I have a pair of black hunters and I hate that they don’t look shiny. It’s not like I want them to be patent leather looking but they just look so dirty and dull all the time πŸ™

  5. Daphne says

    Love the boots. I bought a handstouth (sp?) black and white pair from Target last season. They were so comfy and so cute pulled over skinny jeans. Not many days in San Diego to qualify for rain boots but still had to own one.

  6. Sherin says

    I love Hunters. They are amazing boots. I’ve yet to buy one as they’re still slightly out of my price range. Hopefully will have a pair for the winter though.

  7. Laura says

    i need need need a pair of these boots! and i will be download the app on my ipad asap.. just need to reconnect to the “wireless” world in our apt again.. πŸ™‚ soon though.

  8. beth says

    I got a pair of the ever popular green Hunter boots at I needed them for a Christmas gift and they were sold out everywhere so I decided to try it. They have seconds and honestly it was just a scuff mark or two, which you will get the first time you wear them. The price was super FYI!

  9. Salt says

    SO cute! Wellies are a little out of my budget right now, so I got a pair of pink plaid off-brand rainboots last season and I’m so excited to wear them again!

  10. lisa says

    With the amount of rainfall we get in Vancouver, the cost per wear ratio definitely justifies getting a pair of Hunters, but they haven’t appealed to me until this season.

  11. HauteWorld says

    I love these! I’m a fan of rainboots, but unfortunately they’re a big no-no here (style wise) and it doesn’t rain nearly enough for me to purchase any. I’d get one in every shade though (if I lived in London or Seattle!).

  12. Grace says

    Ah, I will forever lust after Hunter boots, even though I know that for myself, the money would be more practically spent on Uggs. Those Tretorn ones are super cute, and I do hold a soft spot for Wellingtons.

  13. Jules says

    I want a pair of Hunter Wellies in the worst way. I think my calves might be too big though πŸ™

    The Tretorn boots are super cute too. I love the pink rouge.

  14. Cassie says

    I actually think Target carries some of the cutest rainboots I’ve seen. They’re just adorable, but I haven’t made the leap yet and purchased them. I probably should soon though, because in Oklahoma you can use them in the snow in the winter and the rain in the spring!

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