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What’s In the Summer Fab Fit Fun Box

Ya’ll know I love a good subscription service. It’s a weakness. From food to clothes and everything in between, having fun boxes delivered right to my door is like my own version of Christmas. And the Summer Fab Fit Fun Box is like receiving your very own Christmas present in July! I had always wondered why people raved so much about the Fab Fit Fun box in particular. Then I went all in and subscribed for the year long series, one for each season. There is a price break to doing it that way versus the one-off purchase.

I’m so glad I did! Each season has been great and the products are items I’m truly interested, use and wear so it provides a lot of value. Don’t believe me? Come take a peek at what I unboxed in my very own Summer Fab Fit Fun box!

Also, I should note that each season there are a few items you can pick between to customize your box. For instance you can choose your preference over a few different jewelry items. Well for the Summer Fab Fit Fun box I was so busy I never responded to the email. It was the Russian roulette of boxes and I was a little worried as to what would be in it. Well, they must know me pretty darn well! Each selectable item is something that I would have chosen for myself. Even down to the color!

What’s in My Summer Fab Fit Fun Box

Summer Fab Fit Fun Box

How sweet is the delicate necklace from Kris Nations?! I love layering and wearing necklaces like this so it was a perfect item to refresh my accessories.

Summer Fab Fit Fun Box

This pink Himalayan salt and board is so fun! A great flourish to chips and salsa poolside this summer.


You might have caught my Instagram story where I modeled this a few ways. This Michael Stars scarf is so soft and I love the tie dyed look. I’m taking it to Napa in a few weeks where I will wear it on the plane as a wrap and poolside as a sarong.

Summer Fab Fit Fun Box Water Bottle

I have been wanting to try a glass water bottle and this one with a bright pink silicone cover looks fab. I can’t wait to try it and see if I like it better than some of my others. I always adore when eco and pretty meet!


Lots of fun products. From highlighter to dry shampoo, this selection of beauty items is a great way to try out new products and replenish my supply. Kristin saw this and raved about the sunscreen. Can’t wait to give it a go!

That’s what is in my Summer Fab Fit Fun box. So much value for $49.99 right?! Do you love these boxes as much as I do?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We just love our Fab Fit Fun boxes!


  1. Diana Roeder says

    Never order from this company as they will not cancel when you tell them to.
    They don’t give you a phone number to call. They don’t cancel when you cancel on line.
    They just keep sending and expecting you to pay for it.

    • Kristin and Megan says

      I’m so sorry you had that experience. I’ve had nothing but positive ones so far and hope that continues!

  2. Anna Marlene Sauls says

    I had to cancel a box once and had no problem. I am receiving my boxes again and every time they arrive, I feel like I’m unwrapping a present!!! Sometimes I don’t receive exactly what I’d like, but the feeling is still great and the majority of items are also! Thanks Fab Fit Fun! It is so FUN!!

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