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That time I had zero diapers with me…

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of P&G – Pampers. The opinions and text are all mine.

Most of us moms tend to be pretty brand loyal once we discover something really great that works for our children. Yes, I’m always looking out for new information or products, but once something works I’m all in. That’s how I feel about Pampers diapers. I’ve used them for years and any time I tried another diaper brand it just wasn’t the same in terms of dryness and making sure my guys are fully covered.

Sams Club Pampers Diapers

One not-so-fun diaper situation that a lot of parents have found ourselves in is running out of diapers. Just thinking about the feeling of looking into my diaper bag and realizing I’m empty-handed is enough to make me break out into a panicky sweat. Typically I stock about three diapers in my diaper bag at all times. But having both a 5- and 2-year-old means just getting everyone ready and in the car is a feat in itself.

When Max was one, I took the boys to a bookstore. You know, one with both a coffee bar AND a train table so that we could all three spend an hour in peaceful bliss. There I was, sipping on my latte when I got that special whiff. The one that makes you groan since you know it means less latte’ for me and a group effort to the bathroom with two kids. There we were, all crammed into the bathroom, dirty diaper opened when I reached into the diaper bag and fumbled around. No, no, no…please lord tell me that there is a diaper somewhere in this diaper bag. Nope. I had not restocked the bag. AHHHHH!!!!!

I quickly resealed the dirty mess and tried to figure out what to do. As I darted around the store, now with a wailing one-year-old and unhappy big brother who wanted more train time, I ran into a friend. I’m sure we were quite the surprise sight when she rounded the corner. Thankfully she had a spare diaper in her car. Sure it was an old Size 2 but I crammed my giant Size 4 baby into it and knew that we could buy ourselves a little time. Phew what a feeling! I learned a great lesson that day. To make sure I’m always fully stocked at home, in the diaper bag and now even make “go-bags” for each car so that we’ve got all our bases covered!

Sams Club Pampers Diapers

Sams Club Pampers Diapers

Get an instant savings of $10 when you buy two Pampers diapers or wipes items or $18 when you buy three at Sam’s Club or

You can really save by stocking up too! Sam’s Club is a great place to buy your Pampers products. I typically shop in the club since my kids love going. You can see my big Sam’s Club helper Jake buying his brother’s diapers! Here are a few other great ways to shop Sam’s Club.

Ways to Shop at Sam’s Club

Sams Club Pampers Diapers
As I mentioned I’ve used Pampers for years now. But Max has really sensitive skin compared to Jake and I’ve continued to be impressed just how well the Pampers products work and also protect his skin. The Pampers Swaddlers protect overnight and the Pampers Cruisers work well with his on-the-run fun personality. Less sagging as he zooms around! I also continue to use Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes. He may be two but his skin is still sensitive and the fact that the wipes are perfume-free and hypoallergenic means that we can all breathe a little easier during diaper changes.

Max in his Pampers
So that’s why and how I stay stocked up in my nursery. The only surprises I want these days are fun ones! Make sure to stay stocked up yourself and make sure to save $10 instantly when you buy two Pampers products or $18 when you buy three at Sam’s Club or

Max in his Pampers



  1. Kim says

    My granddaughter is almost two and Pampers diapers + wipes have never irritated her sensitive skin. I try to make sure she’s always stocked up on diapers so I’ll be telling her Mom about the great deal at Sam’s Club!

  2. Jasmine says

    Sams Club is one of our go to for diapers as well! Im pretty sure every mom has gone through this as well and being stocked up on necessities is a must !

  3. Alicia Taylor says

    I always give huge boxes of diapers from Sam’s to new mom’s and follow it up with “You should check into a Sam’s membership.” Sam’s is a great place for young families. I’ve been in the place of running out of diapers. Not fun.

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