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How to Save Time and Money with the CVS Pharmacy App

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m at my local CVS…ALL THE TIME. Bwah! I can’t help myself. It’s minutes from my house and I can pick up everything from beauty essentials, to healthy snacks and even my family’s prescriptions. What I didn’t know, however, was that I was shopping CVS all wrong. I was wasting precious time and funds by not using the CVS Pharmacy App. By taking just a few moments to download the app and set up my CVS account, I found loads of helpful services right at my fingertips. I can now manage everything from my CVS ExtraCare Rewards, to prescription refills and even photo printing thanks to this handy dandy app. How cool is that? Now that I’ve piqued your interest, let’s dig in a little and talk about my latest experience using the CVS Pharmacy App.

weekly ad

The other day I found that it was time to replenish some of the family’s toiletries so I headed over to CVS. Before I went, however, I took a look at their weekly ad on my app and found deals on some of our favorite brands. So, I obviously took advantage of those. I’m talking skincare marked down from $21.99 to $13.99, to buy one get one 50% off offers and more! I didn’t even have to search my newspaper for a flyer. Nope. It was all conveniently right there in my app. And my CVS ExtraCare Rewards number is stored in the app too. So, say goodbye to carting a card around.

cvs rewards

cvs finds

cvs pay

I tell you I was in GOOD spirits on that shopping trip because I can now take advantage of my personalized deals and ExtraBucks® Rewards (which are basically like FREE CVS money that you earn by shopping for specially-advertised items along with cash back on purchases) right from my phone. Hey, this busy mama is all about less is more these days. I feel like I’m going a million miles a minute in a million different directions at all times and I need apps that are going to help me stay organized. The CVS Pharmacy App does just that. And to up the convenience factor even more, CVS offers the CVS Pay option that allows you to input your credit card information so you can easily pay for your purchases with one quick scan of the app. Hello!

photo center

lady bean photos

And as if that wasn’t enough, the CVS Pharmacy App is even helping me with a little project I’m working on with my daughter. I’ve been trying to come up with fun ways to keep my crafty little diva entertained this summer, so I printed out a few of my favorite photos of her that were on my phone. And I did it right from the app obviously. I don’t think it gets much easier than being able to directly access the CVS Photo Center from your phone. Am I right? Summer craft sensation here we come!

cvs wine deal

face masks

Oh and did I mention that Black Box wine was one of the deals in my store’s weekly ad? Mama deserved a nice glass of red after all that hard work I did shopping and saving. That and a face mask were a perfect end to the day. Just sayin’. So, have you downloaded the CVS Pharmacy App yet lovelies? Get on it! There is so much more in there than I’ve highlighted today. You can also take advantage of Curbside Pickup (which is available in 40 major markets across the country) and you can sign up for the ExtraCare email for even more personalized savings too! Score! P.S. Check out how CVS Curbside works below…

curbside pickup

I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about #BetterHealthMadeEasy and how to #FindYourHealthy. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.


  1. Karen Morse says

    This is why I love shopping apps because they’re perfect for helping you save money. I’ve yet to download a CVS one, I don’t know why I haven’t done it before. It’s a great way to get discounts on essentials.

  2. Jessica Joachim says

    I love shopping at CVS. I have always taken advantage of their sales and ECB along with coupons, but I never really used the App much. I think I need to change that and start using the app more !

  3. Andrea says

    I like going to CVS and there are a lot of things you can get and save money. While I don’t go as much as I use to it is a very useful place to go to. I have to download this app it looks awesome.

  4. Cindy Ingalls says

    I love CVS, I always take advantage fo their coupons and in-store deals, but I need to start using this app. Anything to make shopping easier and more affordable works for me.

  5. Holly says

    I wish we had CVX close to where I live. The only ones we have are inside Target because they run the pharmacy.

  6. Caitlin says

    I love the CVS app – I use it all the time! I’m the queen of Extra Bucks too haha! I’ve also had really good luck combining deals there with the Ibotta app to really save a lot of money.

  7. Misty says

    I love shopping at CVS! You can really find some great deals and save money if you shop smart. I use that app all the time, it’s great for making a list of things we need and things that are on sale

  8. Brittany says

    Wow how did I not know they had an app too! I am always up for using coupons to save money! Any day of the week with a big family like mine!

  9. Jeanine says

    What an awesome and very useful app. We don’t have CVS here where I live but I hear such amazing things about it often, and wish we had one close by!

  10. Veronica P. says

    I haven’t tried this app, and I will! I hate wasting my time shopping. Some things should just be fun and easy! Thank you for sharing it!

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