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How to Use the Wand for Loose Curls with Nature Box

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Wanding your hair to get those beachy tousled waves looks gorgeous and isn’t that complicated. Every time I wand my hair I get several comments and questions so I thought it was the perfect time to share my step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this look.

Nature Box Wanding Tutorial

My Daily Hair Care Routine

Even better information to share is how I like to take care of my hair on a daily basis. A while ago I decided to ditch the parabens and sulfates that can be found in a lot of shampoo and conditioners. As I researched products to try, one that fit everything I was looking for is Nature Box.  

Nature Box is a line of hair and skin care products that are nature inspired and environmentally friendly. Their products are all vegan and use cold pressed oils. There are absolutely no sulfates, silicones, parabens or artificial colorants. I can find it easily at the CVS down the street from me in the hair care aisle. Talk about checking everything off on my list!

CVS Nature Box

I’ve been using the Nature Box™ Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner and loving it. The 100% cold pressed coconut oil gives my hair instant hydration and it feels really saturated and soft. I typically wash my hair every other day and Nature Box has been a great addition to my regular routine.

Hair Tutorial: Wanding for Loose Curls

Before we get started, I find the curls hold in my normally straight hair longer when I wand my hair a day after washing it. I also always make sure to have my protective glove handy so that I don’t burn myself accidentally. Most wands come with one in the box.

How To Wand Your HairI set my wand to about 400 degrees and let it warm up for a few minutes. Once it’s warmed up, I start with one side of my hair. I take about an inch section of hair for each curl as I work around my head.

My major tip is that I always make sure to wand the curl away from my face. This is crucial to get the final loose curl look you want. Start the wand a few inches from the root and wrap it around a few times leaving an inch or two straight at the bottom. Remember starting too close to the root will leave you with tighter curls and leaving a few inches straight at the bottom gives your look a more relaxed than formal feel.

Wanding Front Hair Sections for Loose Curls

Pull the wand straight up and leave the curl in place as you continue to work sections of your hair. Make your way around your head doing one section at a time. I like to work my way from the front to the back half and then start the second half from the front to the back. I have a lot of hair and it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes.

Wanding Hair In SectionsSection of Wanding HairOnce your curls are all done, take your fingers and gently comb through them. Make sure not to brush your hair, rather just keep working your fingers through them until you get the look you want. I tend not to use any additional product or sprays in my hair, but you can always use a bit of hairspray if you worry your curls won’t hold.

Wanding Hair in PeicesAnd that’s it! In about 20 minutes you have a look that will last a few days and leave everyone wowed.

Nature Box Curls

Most importantly don’t forget to take great care of your hair regularly to ensure it’s at it’s best for any style. Nature Box is a great way to make sure you aren’t using anything with parabens or sulfates and they have several varieties for different hair needs.

Nature Box Products

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