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Champagne Saturday: Going Places

Happy Saturday!  I am sipping on some champagne today in the form of a juicy mimosa, but you’ll just have to believe me since sadly, a super swamped day means no time for my photo shoot.  Boo!  Today I’m excited to tell you that I will be sporting my new Gap denim leggings with a little navy blazer and boots.

gap legging jeans

I don’t know if you’ve heard, or were even one of the lucky winners, but yesterday Gap went all Oprah on us and gave away 10,000 pairs of free jeans.  Dude, that’s a lot of denim!  All you had to do was be one of the first people to “check-in” at a store using Facebook’s Places feature.   I had no interest in the Places feature because it creeps me out for too many people to know exactly where I am and when (I know, that is SO Gen X of me!), but I instantly changed my tune when visions of free jeans started dancing in my head! Heck, I’ll shout my location to the world if it means a coupon or something free!!!  I’M ON THE COUCH!  WATCHING HOME SHOWS!!!  What, where’s my coupon?

It was really easy on my iPhone, and while, sadly, my store had given away all their freebies hours earlier, they gave me a coupon for 40% off any denim item.  Whoo hoo!  That meant my new jeans were only $41!  Now that’s what I would call a good Friday!  So did any of you score free jeans yesterday?  Any FB Places users who love to “check-in”?  Even better, any great Champagne Saturday plans?  Let us know!


p.s. Did you get the 40% off coupon email from the Gap today? That’s how I’m going to go get my super fab jeans deal! It’s good today only in stores! xoxo, Kristin


  1. ilene says

    how did i miss that?! sadness!!! wow, what a great deal – even if i got the 40% off coupon, i would have been happy.

    enjoy your saturday, friend!

  2. Christina says

    Gap has the best promotions. A couple of months ago I was able to get 50% off a pair of jeans but I had a three hour window to visit the store. It was sooo worth it!

  3. Lynzy says

    Hey girls! Just wanted to let you know that I am moving my blog from “Skirts to Skillets” to “Sparkling Footsteps” as a new venture I will no longer be posting pictures of myself, but I will be posting anything and everything that inspires me 🙂 I hope that you girls will follow along!

    xo Lynzy

  4. style'n says

    I have heard great things about Gap’s denim leggings…definitely need to give them a try! And what a great deal you got (even if they weren’t free!)

  5. Allison says

    Ahh, so exciting about Gap giving away jeans! (Love that you said they were “going Oprah” on us!). That’s such an amazing pair of jeans – and I knowww you’re going to look hot, hot, hot in them 🙂

  6. Suburban Sweetheart says

    I bought GAP stirrup jeggings the other day & would love them if they fit a littttttle bit better. I swear I tried them on last week in the store & they were great. Could I have gained enough weight in seven days to make them not fit?!

  7. Kristin @ Ellie-Town says

    Ok. The Gap and I are fighting. Each store only had 6pairs to give away. 6! There were 20 people in line before the store even opened. AND today they have 45% off instead of 40%.

    Not happy! {but I do love those leggings. Tell me, are they comfy?}

  8. carma says

    Glad I did not hear about this opportunity until after the fact. I wasted enough time trying to get Dr. Oz freebies on Wed – at which time I came home empty handed save for the Krill Oil 😀

  9. Lisa says

    I’m with you; Free Jeans now please!! But I also am creeped out by how much everyone shares with everyone… haha I know, contradictory as an internet blogger, but I control that information. And it isn’t stupid status updates every 10 seconds.

    Hope your Saturday was LOVELY!

  10. Lyddiegal says

    wow, I did not know about that! otherwise, I would have been all over it. And no, I didn’t get the 40% coupon! Gap, why are you leaving me in the dark, I’m such a loyal customer, when I go in there sales associates tell me I look familiar. I say, “well, I’m sort of in here every week…”

  11. Lori says

    Nice score!! I heard abt the offer but I wasn’t able to make it in until early evening. So no jeans for me. They didn’t even give me a coupon lol!


  12. Punctuation Mark says

    i am one of those that finds it a bit creepy for people to know where i am every step of the way… privacy is definitely priceless… i have their card and it has some really good perks!!! have a nice sunday!

  13. Carole says

    I missed this deal, but then, I’m reluctant to give up my location info ever since I had significant problems w/ a stalker. (not joking) Don’t be so anxious to give up your privacy.

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