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Our Favorite RoC Skincare Products

With lots of travel and winter weather starting to arrive, we thought it would be a great time of year to dish about our favorite RoC skincare products. Kristin and I have personally tested almost every RoC product available. We both have different skin types and live in drastically different climates. Kristin faces the harsh sun of Florida while I face the cold and windy winters of Maryland. Even so, the RoC skin care product line has worked wonders for us both. Neither one of us have ever had a bad reaction or breakout and always have glowing things to say to anyone who will listen. Haha!

Every time we meet up for a trip, we inevitably share a bathroom counter that ends up just covered in our products and we typically end up looking into each other’s make-up bags and talking beauty favorites. It’s a great way to discover new items and encourage each other to try new things.

So, we thought we should share our ritual gab fest with you. After all our RoC sampling and trying, here are each of our three favorite RoC skincare products. All of these are really affordable and make great stocking stuffers!

RocFavoritesOur favorite RoC products

Kristin’s Favorite RoC Products

  1. RoC Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer – This moisturizer includes an SPF of 30, perfect for Florida’s sun. It goes on nice and light versus many others that feel too thick. It’s Kristin’s daily must have and I use it too!
  2. RoC Smooth Perfexion Instant Line Corrector – Kristin may have gotten a few friends hooked on this amazing product. Literally it fills in your lines and gives you instant smooth skin. It’s that easy!
  3. RoC Retinol Correxion Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System – If you want to really take on those fine lines and wrinkles this two step system will not disappoint. Kristin raves about the way her skin looks and feels after using this consistently.

Our favorite RoC products

Meg’s Favorite RoC Products

  1. RoC Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Eye Cream – Why do I love this eye cream? Well, it goes on really gently but addresses EVERYTHING! That means not only is the area under my eyes less puffy and dark, it tackles wrinkles and anti-aging.
  2. RoC Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Check, Neck and Face Cream – Are you noticing a trend here? I clearly love products that pull double duty! It feels so good to hydrate my neck and chest area, in addition to my face, all in one fell swoop!
  3. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum – My lines in recent years have become more pronounced. I like to call them my “thinking lines” since my forehead gets a little scrunched up when I’m deep in thought. Thankfully I’ve been using this serum for a while now and can see a visible improvement.

Our favorite RoC products

Of course we all know that the best thing a woman can do for her skin is to radiate laughter and genuine happiness. We hope you are all getting plenty of smiles in this holiday season! And if you aren’t, we have something that will surely put a grin in your face! One lucky winner is going to WIN all of the products we featured today. Simply enter via Rafflecopter below for your chance at the prize!

Disclosure: We were compensated for this post and are brand ambassadors for RoC. All opinions and thoughts expressed are our own.

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  1. Marilyn Nawara says

    My biggest concern is wrinkles — I’m starting to get fine lines and don’t want them to turn into deep wrinkles.

  2. Linda Neely says

    Too much time spent in the sun when I was a teenager has caused quite a bit of sun damage (spots, uneven color, wrinkles). Yuk!

  3. Lissa Crane says

    My eyes and those darn fine lines around them! I have tried several serums and creams and nothing seems to work as well as I hope for!

  4. Tamra Phelps says

    From the time I was a teenager until into my 40s, I had oily skin. But over the last 5 or 6 years my skin has changed. First, I developed diabetes, which brings dry skin issues & aging probably plays a role, too, but my formerly oily skin has become dry skin!

  5. Jill Rivera says

    I have two aging concerns one is the crows feet at the corners of my eyes. The other concern is the brown spot on the side of my face.

  6. April Swaim says

    I have very, very dry skin and I have a spot on each on of my middle fingers that is hard, crusty skin that is so hard to get rid of and it is so ugly. I hope and pray that I can find something to fix this problem.

  7. Deb Demers says

    My biggest concern is dry skin. I am constantly in and out of water at work. Combine that with cold weather equals pain.

  8. Brandi Dawn says

    Its a toss up between my adult acne and my baby crows feet. My baby crows are turning into big crows… Haha, I know I cant stop it but I also know I can slow it down!

  9. Sharon Braswell says

    My biggest skin concern is the deep circles under my eye. The seem to age me more than anything!! I LOVE Roc products!! Thank you!!

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