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How to Wear A Holiday Graphic Tee

How to Wear a Holiday Graphic Tee

I'm not typically one for loud holiday looks. I like things to be a little more subtle. And then I had kids. And man do they just love going all out! Things like light up necklaces and crazy dancing animals make them so happy. What can I say, it's contagious. And since I'm never one to sit on the sidelines, this year I picked up a holiday graphic tee for both Kristin and I to wear to the Christmas festival we went to with our families after Thanksgiving. The most amazing part, I found both...

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Feeling Lighthearted in a Fun Graphic Tee

Fun Graphic Tee

Living in the Washington, DC area it's hard not to notice that fashion can be taken soooooo seriously. Lots of power suits happening around here folks! I thought things were relaxing a bit. And then I took a stroll near the Capitol about the time all the staffers were arriving with their morning coffee. Nope. It was like swimming in a sea of black, grey and navy slacks. So I'm taking a more lighthearted approach to weekend wear. It's time to break out! This fun graphic tee that I found in the kids section at...

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