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Feeling Lighthearted in a Fun Graphic Tee

Living in the Washington, DC area it’s hard not to notice that fashion can be taken soooooo seriously. Lots of power suits happening around here folks! I thought things were relaxing a bit. And then I took a stroll near the Capitol about the time all the staffers were arriving with their morning coffee. Nope. It was like swimming in a sea of black, grey and navy slacks. So I’m taking a more lighthearted approach to weekend wear. It’s time to break out! This fun graphic tee that I found in the kids section at Nordstrom is perfect for catching smiles.

Fun Graphic Tee

How to Wear a Fun Graphic Tee

As a full fledged grown-up, a fun graphic tee like this one is sure to get a reaction. I’m not talking inspirational quotes about coffee. I’m talking pure silly. You can not even imagine how many smiles and comments I received just going in to pick up Jake from school and running errands. And with all of the tragic news that has happened in recent months, I’m a firm believer that spreading smiles is a worthy cause.

An easy way to wear a fun graphic tee in fall is to pair it with your favorite jeans and either wrap a plaid shirt around your waist or if it’s cooler out, layer it over the tee and leave it open. I have so many underused plaid shirts in my closet. It’s nice to wear one of them without too much styling. Oh and did I mention that this tee is only $22 in the Nordstrom kids section? That’s a great place to look for sillier sayings at a fraction of the cost.

Fun Graphic Tee Fun Graphic TeeStylish slip on sneakers help make this look comfortable yet still pulled together. These Uggs are a great option that have getting a ton of use right now.
Denim and Plaid
Denim and Plaid
Fun Graphic Tee


So who’s with me and ready to relish the day loves?

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