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Rockin’ Nineties Style this Fall

If you asked me what my least favorite decade when it comes to fashion is, I would probably say the nineties. Although I loved loved loved the 90210 era, I wasn’t so much into the style. And when it’s come back time and time again over the years, I haven’t been one to jump on the “trend.” Well, I recently scored a fun light rinse denim jacket that had me feelin’ all the nineties feels and now I’m wondering if I was too quick to judge. Because you know what? I’m totally loving the look and can see myself turning to my new favorite layering piece all fall long!

Nineties Style Inspiration

So, let’s talk about the nineties vibe I’m rockin’ in this latest fall outfit. I decided to go full on retro with it and paired my light rinse denim jacket with a tapered leg jumpsuit. I know, I know. I’ve barely been able to sell you on jumpsuits and now I’m trying to convince you to try a tapered leg. Bwah! It was much more flattering than I anticipated it being. Hey, I’m a try-a-holic. It might not always work, but I’m willing to give most looks a try at least once. I felt great about both the jumpsuit and the whole nineties vibe in general. So, there you go.

If you too want to channel nineties style, pick yourself up a light rinse denim jacket and pair it with black and white. It’s not a hard look to recreate and keeps things a little more modern than if you, say, rocked a Donna Martin worthy floral print. Haha!

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So, are you feelin’ the nineties vibe too these days or is that a look that should stay in the past?

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