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Taking On Camo

Sometimes a girl just needs to feel tough. I would argue now more than ever. I’m certainly feeling the increasing need to channel my inner strength to take on the world. Sometimes that comes in the form of a little camo in my daily wardrobe.

I’ve always loved incorporating camo in fun unexpected ways. I have a great camo purse from C Wonder that always gets noticed, and a pair of very preppy camo loafers from J. Crew. So when I spied these James camo jeans at a boutique in Orlando, I was pretty in love at first sight. I love the surprise of the black and grey camo pattern and there are so many ways to style them. Expect a full outfit post soon! These are going to be on full closet rotation for quite a while.
Black Camo Jeans

I think the key to incorporating camo into your look is to not over do it. Unless you really do want to literally blend into the woods, one piece of camo per look goes a long way. I tend to style it with solids but I also have an old Rolling Stones tee that I could also see these James camo jeans with.

And remember there are no hard and fast rules! These jeans could go with converse, boots or even a great pair of heels. The idea is just to not overwhelm with too much of a good thing. So no adding a camo purse or jacket with it.

James Camo Jeans

And if you, like me, are wanting to gear up for life a bit then I’ve collected some of my favorite camo pieces for you to shop. Including these James camo jeans.  Yes 2o17, I’m looking at you and I’m ready. Bring it!

Camo Collage1. black camo jeans 2. ballet flats 3. jacket 4. red distressed tee 5. clutch 6. skinny cargo pants 7. belt

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