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Easy Breezy Baseball Hat Outfit

The baseball hat outfit…How do we feel about it? When I was in college, I was always a visor girl. We would get all decked out our in our Florida Gator finery for game day and I would always be rockin’ my trusty orange visor. Well, after seeing how cute my bestie looks in her baseball hats, I decide that I was probably missing out all those years by not working on my baseball hat outfit look. Bwah! I mean, it doesn’t get much easier than throwing on a cute cap when you don’t feel like doing your hair. Am I right?

baseball hat style

How to Style a Baseball Hat Outfit

And that’s why I picked up a new hat on our Friendsgiving trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains this year. I took Megan to one of my favorite shops, The Treehouse, and snagged a darling pretty in pink number. Once I got home, I knew it would go perfectly with a pink and grey scarf that my mama grabbed for me at Target. All I had to do to finish things off was throw on a grey top and a pair of kicks. The kicks in question this time were Supergas. I have four or five pairs at this point and love them the way Megan loves her Converse. When it comes to wardrobe go-tos, I always say find something that works and go all in. That’s how you develop your signature style!

how to tie a blanket scarf

blanket scarf outfit

Another go-to for me is the blanket scarf. There is really no shortage of ways you can style them. You can see I went the casual route by tying it handkerchief style here, but the scarf’s large and in charge size means it can easily transition to a wrap too. So, to make this outfit dressier, I could do just that. I could wear the scarf as a wrap, slip off the baseball hat, throw on some heeled booties and, voila, a date night ready outfit  in no time!

baseball hat outfit

Shop the Look

So, are you ready to put together your own baseball hat outfit? I thought you would be so I rounded up some similar pieces for your shopping pleasure. Then the next time you’re short on time, but don’t want to sacrifice style, you can throw on your baseball hat outfit in mere minutes and still feel great!

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