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Floral Velour Bodysuit

When you hear the words floral velour bodysuit what comes to mind? Certainly something that might not be wearable. After all, I did the whole bodysuit thing in junior high. And revisiting that time period isn’t exactly high on my list. And then I saw this floral velour bodysuit by Free People, a favorite label of both Kristin and mine, and my mind started to open up to the idea. After all, the whole velour velvet trend does have a romantic vibe to it. Before I knew it, this little number was in my cart and purchased. It’s on major sale right now for only $40.80 so if you like it snap it up. It would be perfect to style for February!

Styling A Floral Velour Bodysuit
Velvet Bodysuit and Kate Spade Bag

I decided to style this bodysuit with my black skinny jeans and black booties. I could easily take this look to a date night or concert. Something we are trying to work more of into our schedules in 2018.

One reason I was worried about a bodysuit is that I do have a long torso. To the point where I can’t even wear a regular one piece bathing suit without hunching over. And overall this bodysuit worked for even me. Which means it will work for almost everyone! I love the billowy top and the long sleeves. They also worked pushed up a bit too. Plus, this deep rich floral look just feels so luxe and romantic.
Free People Floral Velour Bodysuit

The back on this floral velour bodysuit drapes down a bit revealing just a bit of back but still allowing for a regular bra. Date night gods rejoice, a regular bra! Ha, you know that scores major points from me.

Velvet Bodysuit and Kate Spade Bag

Floral Velour Bodysuit

And who doesn’t love a great bag? This Kate Spade bag has been my meeting go-to for over a year now. It fits my laptop and folders so nicely. Plus I can put my keys and business cards in the front zip pocket so I’m ready to go. It’s a little pricey but given the use, for me it’s very worth it.

Kate Spade Bag

Where to Find Your Floral Velour Bodysuit

Want to try the look out for yourself? Check out the links below to snag your own now while it’s still there!

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