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How to Plan a Moms Coffee Date

Who doesn’t love a good moms coffee date?! I mean you say coffee and I say, “I’m there!” But even if you aren’t a java junkie like myself, a coffee date can be a great way to get to know someone new. It can be tough for  us busy mamas to make new friends right? I have friends in all stages of life who I love dearly, but I would love to meet some more moms who have kids around my kids’ ages. Because then playdates can become mom dates too. Bwah! So, let’s talk about how to plan a moms coffee date shall we? And, no, you don’t have to drink coffee if it’s not your jam. Most coffee houses have plenty of other options. Tea, juice and good old fashioned water all work. The point is, you just want to get going and plan that meetup!

How to Plan the Perfect Moms Coffee Date

1. Set the stage…Before you go all in with a coffee date invite, make sure you show your interest for a bit. If you meet a mom at your child’s pre-school, for instance, chat her up by the cars after you drop your kids off. Establish some common ground. Are you both mini van mamas? Do you rock the same go-to kicks. You get my drift. Show her that you have stuff to chat about.

2. Extend the invite…Ask your potential mom date if she would like to meet up and choose a place near where she lives. Show consideration for her time and she’ll see what a nice potential new friend you are. Once you’re good and bonded, then you can make her come to you. Ha!

3. Offer to pick up the check…It’s always nice when someone picks up your tab, plain and simple. And that’s what you are nice. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be trying to forge a new friendship. Am I right? Of course I am!

So, are you ready to plan your own moms coffee date? I knew you would be. Just make sure you show up once you set it up. Haha! We totally understand mom brain and that’s why we rely on a planner to help us keep our calendar straight! Just sayin’.

I promise if you try these little tricks, you’ll have a fast friend in no time!

two moms having coffee on a moms coffee date

More Tips for Moms to Try Now

For more helpful tricks, check out our time management tips! And when your mom friend is ready to come to hour house, you should make her our peppermint latte. It’s delightful!

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