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Our Favorite Halloween Ideas

When October 1st hits, you know what's the first thing this girl thinks of? It's totally time to watch Hocus Pocus. For me, Halloween kicks off my favorite few months of the year. Nothing beats that period between October and December. Am I right? There are so many opportunities for family fun...and ... READ the POST

Mommy and Me Halloween Costume Ideas: Alice in Wonderland

Halloween is kind of a big deal in our house...especially with our kiddos. They start begging for Halloween decorations before October even hits, so we obviously put a lot of thought into our Halloween costumes too. Last year we dressed up as a family of pirates and one sparkly little fish...This ... READ the POST

Father and Son Halloween Costumes: Spider-Man and Peter Parker

If my son loves anything it's superheroes...particularly Spider-Man. It's all superheroes all the time in the Swenson house and that's A-ok with this mom. I'm a wee bit of a fan myself. I mean Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man? Swoon. Haha! And my son has loved Spidey for ages. In fact, he has dressed ... READ the POST