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Mommy and Me Halloween Costume: Alice in Wonderland

brunette woman wearing red, black and white queen of hearts costume holding hands with little girl wearing blue and white Alice in Wonderland costume standing in backyard

With Halloween coming up next month, I thought it would be fun to revisit one of our favorite mommy and me costume ideas. These actually came from Chasing Fireflies and the exact costumes are no longer available, but you can certainly use them as inspiration!

Yep, this Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts pairing was a BIG hit with my baby girl a few years back…In fact, I just might try to talk her into giving it another go this year! I can still use my costume, but hers sure needs to be bigger. Gulp! Where does the time go?!

Anyhoo…Enjoy our little blast from the Halloween past! 

Mommy and Me Costume Ideas

Halloween is kind of a big deal in our house…especially with our kiddos. They start begging for Halloween decorations before October even hits, so we obviously put a lot of thought into our Halloween costumes too.

Last year we dressed up as a family of pirates and one sparkly little fish…This year we decided to pair off and do mommy and me and daddy and me couple costumes. As cute as the lil’ lady bean was as a fish, I think she’s trumped herself as Alice. 

little girl wearing blue and white alice in wonderland costume standing in backyard

little girl looking down wearing black and white alice in wonderland costume in yard

little girl wearing white and blue Alice in Wonderland costume holding hand of woman wearing red, white and black queen of hearts costume

As soon as I saw the Alice in Wonderland costume when perusing the gorgeous girls costumes. Chasing Fireflies has to offer, I knew I’d found this year’s mommy and me Halloween costume theme.

I’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland and the BabyLit book was my daughter’s favorite read from the time she was teeny tiny. Plus, the dress has SPARKLES…

My baby girl loves sparkles as much as her mama! And with the adorable accessories, we were really able to go all out. I mean a white rabbit handbag? COME ON! Doesn’t get any cuter than that? A black bow headband and sweet Mary Janes completed her transition into Alice!

Queen of Hearts Costume for Mom

woman holding gold heart wand wearing red, white and black queen of hearts costume

brown haired woman wearing red, black and white queen of hearts costume holding hands of blonde little girl in blue and white alice in wonderland costume standing in front of red flowering bushes

Once we had costume her set, it was time for mama to look at the women’s costumes. I decided to dress up as the Queen of Hearts.

 Alice is obviously the star of our mommy and me Halloween costume…I’m just a supporting player, but it was fun donning the Queen’s glam gown.

I accessorized with a gold heart wand which the lil’ lady bean claimed once our photo shoot was over. She’s been using it as her magic wand ever since.

The fact that these costumes are multi-purpose is what I love so much about Chasing Fireflies. The costumes live in our dress up trunk so the kids can enjoy them long after October 31st has come and gone!

More Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Now that you’ve seen our mommy and me Halloween costume ideas, in case you’re interested in more family costume ideas, I shared a few more of our favorites from past Halloweens below! Halloween may look different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate! Even if we only dress up for our immediate family, it’s worth it in my book!

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  1. This is such a cute and creative costume idea! I love how you played off your daughter’s Alice costume! And, both costumes look like amazing quality and like they fit well which is so important when dressing up!

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