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Chocolate Raspberry Iced Coffee Drink Recipe

Read on to find out how to make the iced coffee drink recipe you'll want to make again and again, chocolate raspberry whipped iced coffee to be exact! It is nearly June and that means it is hot with a capital H in my neck of the woods. The temps are definitely in the nineties more often than not. ... READ the POST

25+ Iced Coffee Recipes and Frozen Coffee Drinks

Iced Coffee Recipes and Frozen Coffee Drinks are the perfect way to kick off summer and help you beat the heat.  If there is one drink that we can't get enough of around here at Take Time for Style, apart from champers of course, it's coffee. We are both full blown java junkies and we're ... READ the POST

How to Stay Cool this Summer

When summer hits, I'm totally an iced tea girl. There is nothing quite as refreshing as a nice cold glass of iced tea. That being said, it doesn't exactly give me the caffeine jolt I'm often looking for, so even in the dead of summer I still turn to my daily cups of Joe. Let's be real though. A ... READ the POST

The Easiest Iced Coffee Ever

I'm a steamin' cuppa Joe kinda girl...but lately, I've been enjoying a nice tall glass of iced coffee just as much. Remember the Frappuccino "recipe" I posted the other day? Well, as much as I love the frothy stuff, there is something to be said for plain old coffee over ice...but I know how busy ... READ the POST