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Three Festive Valentine’s Day Drinks

So, are you staying in on Valentine's Day or do you have big plans to go out on the town? If your couch is where you plan on landing this Valentine's Day night, you aren't alone. The hubs and I have always celebrated heart day before or after February 14th rather than on the actual day. We prefer avoiding the crowds for a cozy snuggle fest at home. You see, our Valentine's Day tradition has long been to order in takeout, watch a movie and crack open a bottle of vino or mix up some...

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Blood Orange Mimosa

Hey BonBon Rose readers, it’s Jackie Fo back again - this time sharing a super easy and delish cocktail perfect for brunch, Valentine’s Day or any special occasion! We’ve all had an orange juice mimosa or two (or three!) but these days I’m personally loving the unique flavor of Blood Orange Soda. With a bright pinkish, reddish color and a deliciously tart taste, this is the perfect simple cocktail to serve at a party or brunch!  A traditional mimosa is made with equal parts champagne (I prefer a Prosecco) and orange juice. So all you’ll need to...

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Signature Fall Cocktail: Apple Cider Mimosas

Apple Cider Mimosa

Apple Cider Mimosas are perfect for any of your fall entertaining fun, including a gathering like a post-Thanksgiving brunch. Something tells me that leftover pie would go perfect with this, ha! During a recent fall themed bridal shower I hosted with friends, our friend, Ashley, poured Apple Cider Mimosas as the signature cocktail. They were so easy and delicious, I just had to share them with you. Of course, we certainly aren't opposed to serving a tasty cocktail on Thanksgiving too. I'm sure whoever is doing the cooking could use one! How to make the Apple Cider Mimosas...

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